SAP BASIS Administration Training Course

Full Life Cycle End to End Implementation Course in Dubai

SAP BASIS — the underlying System Software that forms an effective platform for Customer and Module Specific Applications, is typically a Middle-ware Program. It bridges the gap between the SAP Computational Architecture, its Network and Operating System; and the other Modules like those linked with Accounting, Finance, Quality Management and so forth. SAP BASIS includes RDBMS, GUI and other powerful components for System Administration.
This Module describes the various Fundamentals of SAP System Administration and is an effective Technology that provides the necessary support for SAP Applications, System Administration and Memory Management. SAP BASIS Emphasizes upon the Administration of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) or any other database used by the SAP Environment, Client-Server Architecture as well as the SAP GUI.
It is a definition of the interface between BASIS and System Components; User / System Administration; and varied Monitoring Tools. It includes the Data Dictionary and a Scalable Development Platform for SAP Based Applications too.

SAP BASIS is a very popular SAP Module among Graduates of all Disciplines.

Mode of Training


Live Instructor Led

Self Paced Video

Appearance Criteria

SAP BASIS is a very popular SAP Module among Graduates of all Disciplines. Candidates with prior Knowledge of IT and other Computer handling skills are obviously in a more advantageous position in the Program.
MCAs, Bachelors in Computer Science and Students belonging to the Engineering Stream are generally preferred for this Course.
Though prior SAP System hands-on Experience and familiarity with the SAP working environment is not essential, it certainly helps.
Those targeting job profiles of a SAP BASIS Administrator require a good Knowledge Base in System Administration; with a University Degree being an additional Boon. Along with in – Depth Knowledge of System Administration Tools in diverse platforms like Linux or Windows; perspective candidates boasting of DBA Skills, SAP Basic Certification and Basic Knowledge in other allied fields can look forward to lucrative job positions too.

Our SAP BASIS Trainers Profile –


SAP Certified BPC, HANA or FI Solution Architect Trainer
20+ Years of Experience among which 12 Years of experience as a Business Analyst, Techno-Functional Consultant and Trainer across varied Industries (Government – State and Federal, Service Sector, Manufacturing and Heavy Industry) in US / Europe / Australia / Malaysia / Thailand / India. He has also worked with SAP EPM, FI Implementation, BPC and Disclosure Management. He is an Core member of FRICEW Teams on Business requirements gathering, FIT-GAP Business Analysis, System Design and Architecture, and Development, Customization, Testing, and Support Areas of Enterprise-Wide Applications on SAP Products. He also has well developed skills in – Budgeting (Operating, Cash and Capital), Reporting (Management and Statutory) and Financial Management and Planning acquired during Professional Accounting and CPA Program Study and further developed while Working.


CERTIFIED SAP PROFESSIONAL, SAP Basis, HANA, BW, GRC, Solman and Security Trainer / Architect –
SAP Trainer for AS JAVA, ABAP, HANA, ORACLE, SYBASE ASE, SOLMAN Administration and upgrade courses ADM100, ADM200, ADM800, ADM315, ADM325, ADM326, ADM328,HA100, HA200, GRC100, GRC300. BW310, BW360
SAP Trainer for Security and Audit ADM940, ADM950, ADM960 Courses.
SAP Trainer for Netweaver / Basis Administration TADM10, TADM12 Courses.
SAP Trainer for OS / DB Migration TADM70 Courses.
SAP Trainer for Database TADM51 and TADM56 Courses.
SAP Trainer for End to End Solution E2E040, E2E060, E2E100 and E2E200 Courses.
SAP Trainer for Solution Manager SM100, SM200, SM300, SM400, SM500 Courses.
He has conducted Training in all the Major Cities around the World.

Key Difference in our SAP BASIS Training

Apart from our long Experience in assisting Professionals acquire their desired SAP Position, unlike our Competitors in this field of SAP Training and Certification, we will also provide you with a free 2 Months access to an SAP Cloud Server to apply your newly gained Knowledge.

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SAP BASIS Training Course Content


    An introduction to SAP BASIS.

    An Introduction to Operating Systems.

    An Introduction to Database Systems.

    Overview of Computer Networks.

    Network Types & Devices.

    Protocol & IP Address Concepts.

    An Introduction to Kernel Software.

    Client / Server Solution.

    Overview of 3 Layer Interface.

    Types of Client / Server Architectures.

    An Introduction to R/3.

    Presentation Interface.

    Application interface.

    Database interface.

    Overview of R/3 Architecture.

    Overview of Dispatcher & Work Processes.

    Concept of SAP Instance.

    Overview of Software Development.

    Overview of SAP Landscape.

    Landscape Types.

    Lifecycle Implementation Concepts.


    Elements in SAP R/3 Installation.

    Installation Requirement.

    System Sizing.

    Installation of File Systems.

    Installation of RDBMS.

    Installation of SAP Installation Tools.

    Install Central Instance.

    Load Database.

    Installation Database.

    Installation of Presentation Layer.

    Post installation Activities.

    Start & Stop SAP R/3 Server, Directory Structures.

    Overview of SAP MMC.

    SAP & Oracle Environment Variables.

    SAP Logon Pad Configuration.

    Overview of SAP License System.

    Overview of Transaction & Dialog Step.

    Overview of User Administration.

    Managing User Master Records.

    Managing User Groups.

    Mass User Management.

    Managing Logged on Users.

    Central User Administration.

    Overview of System Profiles.

    Overview of Operation Modes.

    Overview of Background Jobs.

    Overview of Log-on Load Balancing.

    Overview of Memory Management.

    Overview of workload Monitor.

    Overview of OS Collector.

    Overview of Performance Management.

    Overview of Alert Monitoring.

    SAP System Pro-Active Health Checks.

    Overview of Authorization System.

    Maintaining Authorizations.

    Working with Profile Generator.

    Creating Roles, Maintaining Org.Levels.

    User Information System.

    Overview of Users & Authorization Tables.

    System Profile Parameters for User.

    Overview of R/3 Client

    Client Copy Methods.

    Client Copy Requirements & Process.

    Open / Close R/3 Client.

    Overview of RFC.

    Deleting R/3 Client.

    Client Refresh.

    Copying DB Tables among Clients.

    The Transport System.

    Overview of change Transport System.

    System Change Options.

    Working with Change and Transport Organizer.

    Overview of Transport Management System.

    Configuring Systems and Domains.

    Configuring Transport Routes.

    Distributing and Verifying Configuration.

    Overview of TP & R3trans.

    Performing Transports with TP Program.

    Overview of the Complete Process of Transporting.

    SAP Spool System Architecture.

    Introduction to SAP Access Methods.

    Defining R/3 Printer Devices.

    Managing Spool Requests.

    The SAP LPD Driver Program.

    EMSE Object Database.

    Troubleshooting Printing Problems.

    Overview of Support Packages.

    Plug-Ins & Add-Ons.

    Types of Support Packages.

    Downloading Support Packages.

    Support Pack Dependencies and Requirements.

    Applying Support Packages.

    Plug-Ins & Add-Ons.

    SAP R/3 Kernel Upgrade.

    Introduction to Oracle Database Architecture.

    Oracle Directory Structure for R/3.

    Overview of Physical & Logical Layer.

    Introduction to Cost – Based Optimizer.

    Introduction to SAPDBA & BRTOOLS.

    Table Space Administration.

    Introduction to Database Reorganization.

    Database Backup & Restore & General Activities.

    Monitoring SAP Instances.

    Monitoring System Work Process.

    vManaging User Sessions.

    Managing Update Records.

    Managing Lock Entries.

    Managing R/3 System Logs.

    Analyzing ABAP Dumps.

    System Tracing Utilities.

    Managing Batch Input Sessions.

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