SAP Enterprise Portal Training Course Outline

About SAP Enterprise Portal
SAP Enterprise Portal Training to learn one of the Module of SAP. SAP Enterprise Portal is one of the Foundation Blocks in the SAP Net-Weaver Architecture. It delivers more than mere different Sources. It provides Collaboration and Interaction between various Applications. With an assistance of SAP EP, Organizations can provide their Customers, Employees, Partners and Suppliers a Center Point of access to the Company Services, Applications and Information required for conducting daily work.

SAP Enterprise Portal Training will provide you an assistance to learn how Portal offers access to Business Processes and Information, Content Management, Social Collaboration across various Consumption Channels.

Why Learn SAP Enterprise Portal?

SAP Portal Training starts with Fundamentals and ends with Advanced Concepts. Our Course Curriculum is designed by the Industry Expert. All Sessions will be Interactive; in between, you can raise your doubts and get cleared by SAP EP Consultant. In this SAP EP Online Course, Lots of good opportunities you will get as a SAP EP Consultant from MNC’s and also in the Gulf and other Developed Countries they have lots of requirement for this Post.

SAP Enterprise Portal Pre-Requisites

For this SAP EP Live Instructor-Led Online Training no prior Programming Knowledge is needed, but it’s recommended. Our Instructor will teach you from Basics. At the end of SAP EP Training, you will receive In-depth Knowledge on SAP EP.

Course Targeted Audience

    Team Leads.



    Project Leads.

    College Students who want to go ahead in this Field.

SAP EP Training Target

    To become Expert in SAP EP Programming.

    Implement Simple Screens with input and output Fields.

    Define and use Subroutines.

    Explanation of SAP R/3 Architecture.

    Describe Reporting.

    In-depth Concepts of Interface and Dialog Programming.

    Approach for BAPI and Business Objects.

SAP Enterprise Portal Training Format

All registered participants of this SAP EP Live Instructor-Led Online Course will be taking part in Interactive Sessions. After completion of Registration Process, you will get confirmation from us. you can access Recorded Session if in case you miss any Session and there will be also Study Material which helps to get Subject Knowledge. We also take SAP EP interview questions and answers Sessions to assist the Candidate in answering the tricky questions during the Interview. Delphi Star Training also provides SAP EP Course Completion Certificate. The demand for SAP EP jobs is very high in Big Organizations.

All the Students will have an individual access to the Servers through SAP Cloud Remotely. Students will be exposed to the Real Time Scenarios through which they can get a good exposure on the Subject. To help the student in their Practical Sessions, there will be 24*7 Forum available all the Time.

    SAP EP Tutorial.

    Resume Preparation.

    SAP EP Training Videos.

Experienced & Professional Trainers
Certification Questions & Answers

Assingments & Case Studies

Confiquration Materials Soft-Copy
Cloud Server Access

Recorded Session Videos

Blended – Classroom + Online

Live Instructor-Led Online

SAP EP Portal Administration Certification

Delphi Star Training provides a SAP EP Certification Letter at the end of the Course; it’s a Professional Document Work as a proof to show that a Potential Job Candidate has completed a SAP EP Course and is eligible for a Particular Job. The Certification consists of your Grade / Marks achieved according to the performance of the Assignments / Case Studies you have done. The Certification Card will be labeled with Course Name, Course Duration along with a Grade.
In case you have a Low Grade for the first time, you can have a complete assistance from Delphi Star Training in finishing the Assignments / Case Studies with help from our Instructors. We are here to help you 24×7.

SAP EP Course Curriculum

1: Overview

Goal Set – At the end of this Module of SAP EP Online Course you need to understand about SAP Net-weaver, Motivation for Portals.

Topics – Brief Overview of SAP, What is SAP EP, Overview of SAP Net-weaver and EP and Motivation for Portals and need for SAP EP.

2: Technical Infrastructure

Goal Set – At the end of this Module of SAP EP Online Course you need to understand about SAP NW Architecture, Portal Run-Time and Services, Building Blocks, SAP Enterprise Portal Architecture.

Topics – SAP Enterprise Portal Installation, SAP NW Architecture, Portal Framework, Portal Run-Time, Portal Services, Building Blocks of SAP EP and SAP Enterprise Portal Architecture.

3: User Management

Goal Set – At the end of this Module of SAP EP Online Classes you need to understand about user Management Engine and Tools, Overview of Architecture, SAP EP SSO Configuration.

Topics – Overview and Architecture, User Management Engine and User Management Tools.

4: Portal Security

Goal Set – At the end of this Module of SAP EP Online Training you need to understand about Authentication, Authorization Concepts, Single Sign on and Network Security.

Topics – Security Concepts, Introduction to Authentication, Authorization Concepts, Single Sign On and Network Security.

5: Portal Platform Content

Goal Set – At the end of this Module of SAP EP Online Training you need to understand about Portal Content, Object Relations, Work Sets and Roles, i Views, Delegated Content Administration, Business Packages, Design Changes and Branding.

Topics – Content Object Model, Portal Content, Portal Content Catalog, Portal Content Studio, Object relations – Delta Links and Copies, Working with i Views and Pages, Working with Work-sets and Roles, Delegated Content Administration, Introduction to Business Packages, Design Changes and Branding.

6: Connectors

Goal Set – At the end of this Module you need to understand Portal Landscape, Integration SAP Systems, Java Connector.

Topics – Portal Landscape, SAP Java Connector, Configuring of Java Connector (JCO) and Integrating SAP Systems.

7: Knowledge Management & Collaboration

Goal Set – At the end of this Module of SAP EP Online Classes you need to understand about Content Management, TREX, Collaboration Rooms CR, Real Time Collaboration and EP Development Contents.

Topics – Understanding Knowledge Management, Content Management (CM), Search and Classification (TREX), Collaboration & Unification Overview, Collaboration Rooms (CR), Real Time Collaboration and EP Development Contents.

8: SAP Java Development Environment

Topics – Sap Net Weaver Developer Studio and SAP Component Model.

9: Web Dynpro Introduction

Goal Set – At the end of this Module you need to understand about Web Dynpro Architecture, Web Dynpro Tools, Roots of Web Dypro, Life Cycle of Web Dynpro.

Topics – Introduction to Web Dynpro Architecture, Web Dynpro Tools, MVC-the Roots of Web Dynpro and
Life Cycle of Web Dynpro.

10: The Context Structure at Design Time

Goal Set – At the end of this Module you need to understand about Node Types, Internal and Context Mapping, Structure of Context.

Topics – Types of Nodes, the Structure of Context, Context Mapping and Internal Mapping.

11: The Context Structure at Run-Time

Goal Set – At the end of this Module you need to understand about Typed Context and Generic Context API.

SAP Enterprise Portal Course Highlights

Classroom Training
Learn from Sap Enterprise Portal Industry Experts and Prepare yourself for Google Certification.
Study Material
Hard Copy of Study Notes
Online Materials
Topic wise Study Material in the form of Presentation, Case Studies, Practical Exercises and Quiz or Assignments with detailed answers and explanation.
24×7 Forum
Doubt Solving Forum to interact with Faculty & Fellow Students.
Assignments & Cases
Work on Real Time Cases from different Domains.
24×7 Online Access
24×7 Access to Course Material (Unlocked Excel Models, Presentations, etc)

SAP EP Demo Class Recording

Welcome, To SAP EP Live Instructor Led Online Training

How it Works?

  1. This is SAP EP Training with Instructor-Led Live and Interactive Sessions.
  2. This Course contains Practical Work involving Practical Hands-On, Lab Assignments, and Real World Case Studies. This practical Work can be done at your Own Pace. Delphi Star Training provides the best EP Training Services you ever had.
  3. You will have access to 24×7 Technical Support. You can request for assistance for any problem you might face or for any clarifications you may require during the Course. Take assistance of SAP EP Online Tutorial.
  4. At the end of the SAP Enterprise Portal Training, you will have to Work on a Project. You will receive a Grade and a Verifiable Certificate on the successful completion of this Project.

Course Duration – 64 Hours.

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