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Become a Global Finance professional with ACCA


Get Trained to Perform in Strategic notes at senior management level jobs.


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ACCA Course For Cost Accounting professional

  • Get 9 Paper Examination F1 to F9, Save 80000 on Examination Fees.
  • Total Cost of ACCA with 9 Paper is Rs. 140000, But with Edudelphi you get only Rs 90000
  • Pass 4 paper & become a global Finance Professional with ACCA.

Benefit of ACCA

  • Global Credential – Recognized in 178 countries around the globe with signing authorities in Europe, the Middle East, Singapur, and many more.

  • Great Employability – ACCA is linked by Big 4s and many KPIs and financial institutions. moreover, ACCA also has more than 80000 approved employers.

  • Flexible learning – One can prepare for every paper at a different time as their requirement. ACCA exams are held 4 times a year for professional to appear in any slot comfortable./li>

  • Strategic skills- ACCA is trained with strategic decision making skill to perform in senior-level management job role and take strategic decisions.

Why choose Delphi?

    Delivering Excellence in Training and Development.

    Leading by Examples.

    Honor Diverse Cultures and Backgrounds.

    Ethical Values and Integrity.

    Passion for Learning and Sharing Knowledge.

    Inspire and Innovate.

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Cost of ACCA for Cost Accountant

Edudelphi provides a very flexible payment option for professionals interested in getting ACCA Qualified.

Note: ACCA Exemption & Exam fees are directly payable to ACCA global in GBPS.

Cost of ACCA with edudelphi

Payable to ACCA

Initial Registration Euro 89 Euro 30

Annual subscription Euro 98 E

Examination Fees for 9 paper Euro 918 Euro 90

Payable to Edeudelphi

Tuition fees INR 73000 60000 incl. 18% GST Study material with Rs Euro 200 Free.

Become a Global Finance professional with ACCA for Cost Accountant

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