“Training Delivered by Professional Instructors in a Dynamic Learning Environment.”

Well Designed, Fully Equipped, Modern and Spacious Classrooms mark Delphi’s Contemporary Culture. The Institute’s Class Room Complex has Lecture Rooms equipped with Overhead Projectors, LCD Projectors, for effective use of Faculty and the Students. To enhance and energize the Quality of Lectures, Tutorials, Seminars and other Academic Exercises and to break the monotony of Classroom Sessions, the Center has a small corner for having Tea and Coffee.

The Classroom Training is based on the Lectures and large group Teaching, Tutorials, Seminars and small group Teaching. Our Classroom Training is designed keeping in mind that the Students are coming from a variety of backgrounds and will bring with them different Expectations, Experiences, and Assumptions. Our Training Sessions help in maintaining Interest and Concentration, and ensures that all students can learn using their preferred learning Style. The Teaching Sessions are interactive which encourages the Student Engagement and helps maintain Concentration.

The Classroom Teaching begins with a brief recap of what has been covered in the Module so far. This plays an effective tool to help Students focus and contextualize the current Lecture Material. Our Classroom Batches are flexible and offered both in the Morning and Evening on Weekdays as well Weekends.The Teaching Session starts and finish on time to allow the Students time to travel between Venues.

A few Snaps of our Classroom Training in Dubai.

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