About Marketing Trends, What is it all about?


Marketing Trends are pattern of gradual change in a condition, output, or process of marketing in any business to move in a certain direction over the span of time. To follow a trend one must not only be aware of what is currently happening but be shroud and fair enough to predict what is going to happen in the market trends in coming future comparing with present marketing situations.


Marketing trends are identified by Trendlines that connect a series of highs or lows like –


  • Uptrendsconnect a series of higher lows, creating a key support level for future price movements.
  • Downtrends connect a series of lower highs, creating a key resistance level for future price movements.
  • Including these support and resistance, these trendlines show the overall direction of the trend.


Now with so many emerging Marketing Technologies, Digital Marketing is the latest booming most reliable marketing strategic trends of today’s online business through which one can well aware of which platform and technology to leverage to get the most out of their marketing endeavors without any hassles.


There are primarily 4 factors that are driving the evolution of Digital Marketing trends in today’s worldwide online business like –


  • Technology


Helps you to know the latest Online Digital trends in today’s market.


  • Storytelling


Helps you to make understand the exact processof today’s online Digital Marketing trends.


  • First Mover Advantage


Helps you to take a firm first move to gain the best out of it.


  • Mobile Focused Digital Marketing


Helps you to be mobilized to do better business with increasing growth.


Now let’s have a look atthe Digital Marketing trends to watch out for in the year 2018.They are like –


  • Foreseeing the future of Digital Marketing in Voice Search


Already many of them are familiar with the concept of voice search, since Apple launched Siri for iPhone users. This concept is now the future as Digital Marketing


and brands are now using this latest concept tremendously to ease the efforts for their customers in searching for anything they need on the internet.Voice search in the coming latest trend which will transform the way information and communication is processed. The demand and rise of voice searches will enable Digital Marketing in creating optimized high quality SEO content for promoting the business.


  • Getting traffic on Smartphones


As businesses are now focusing first on marketing strategy by optimizing the smartphone experience. While mobile was already a hit for Digital Marketing concept and it will continue to grow, businesses which optimizing their websites for mobile will be able to attract higher traffic, as well as unlock better sales and engagement opportunities.This lot has grown up with the internet and smartphones. Instant purchase of products and prompt customer service are often the only ways of brand success when it comes to engaging a genuine customer.


  • Live Videos to be the content dominator


This clearly indicates that live video content will be the next future in online business world. The real time engagement that live videos which enables and make contents essential for a brand to make realize their power and focus on this increasingly popular medium will use to engage with their target customers.Live videos were already a big success with everyone from brands to individual users looking them to reach out to their target customers and viewers.


  • Tapping Social Channels for ads


Already leading Social Media platformslike Facebook. Instagram are ruling the Digital Media Marketing. Now brands are foreseeing better engagement on these platforms through social media platforms to connect with their prospect customers. Given the performance of targeted ads deliver, it is genuinely a good idea for businesses and brands to explore advertising on these platforms.


  • Augmented Reality incorporated through Social Media Platform


Mobile devices today are becoming extremelyneedy and all social media apps are getting integrated with AR with great features. By tracking a user’s or customer’s location, brands can trigger sponsored AR content that can be only accessed by them in that specific region and time. So these innovative technologies will go to become more acceptable, adaptable, and affordable for mass marketing. This concept was first introduced by Pokémon Go. And later Instagram and Facebook integrate this technology onto their platforms.






  • Chatbots


Chatbots are now helping companies to provide excellent customer service. Brands are making use of Facebook Messenger and Slack to develop their own customized Chatbots for improving their customer’s service standards. you can use voice commands or text and the Chatbot will tell you everything about the status of your order. This concept was first introduced byStarbucks.


Benefits from Chatbots like –


  • Chatbots are mobile, so their user experience is streamlined already according to mobile customer.
  • Chatbot are quick and easy to develop.
  • From the Chatbot activity you can get real time insights.
  • Through Chatbot, tons of data used to run personalized campaigns.




By knowing your target customer better through these Digital Marketing trends will help always work to your advantage. Whatever be the size of your business, make sure you should be aware of what the world is doing, so you can always compete and stay ahead and focused at your business.