GRE Prep Course in Dubai

GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test that deals with Mathematical, Analytical, Verbal and Writing Skills. The test is developed and administered by Educational Test Service (ETS) that is affiliated to the Graduate Record Examination Board. The GRE scores are important to the aspiring candidates who dream of pursuing Masters from renowned Universities of United States.

The Score Scale of GRE is as follows:

The AWA section grades are from 0-6 in 0.5 point increments.
The Quantitative Reasoning section grades are from 130-170 in 1 point increments.
The Verbal Reasoning section grades are from 130-170 in 1 point increments.
Total scores are from 260-340 in 1 point increments; AWA scores are separate.

FACT is a well established GRE Test Prep Institute Dubai that undertakes Computerized Tests where the test papers are not the same for two students. The GRE Preparation Classes Dubai had been preparing students with comprehensive tactics for the last 16 years. The GRE Test Prep Course mainly focuses on the verbal, vocabulary and reading comprehension section for students who are not well used to it. GRE Prep Programs infuses improved communication skills as well as logical abilities in students who might apply for a 2 months course or a long term 6 months course. The course is portable i.e you can access it from anywhere and anytime when you log in with your individual ID to find all crucial notes, study materials and important videos of lectures.

The GRE Prep Course at Fact is entirely based on Computer Tests that includes the following strategies to prepare their students.

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Every student pursuing the GRE Test Preparation Course has to undergo a analytical diagnostic test in Verbal and Quantitative topics. The proper analysis of their performance is tallied with that of the previous students and thus individual comprehensive strategy is developed to each student.

  • Online Training Portal
  • The students applying for GRE Prep Classes Dubai has to undergo total 108 tests throughout the course that are symmetrically designed, synchronized with the lectures.

  • Online Classes
  • The GRE Preparation Course in the institute is conducted completely online which gives the tremendous facility of accessing the classrooms from anywhere. The classes are basically recorded hence the students can attend them according to their own time convenience.

  • Workshop
  • 4 SAT workshops take place as a part of GRE Dubai preparation that prevails for 7days. This week long workshop helps a student for any upcoming test.

  • Mock Tests
  • Model Tests are held at Test Preparation Institute Dubai just 4 weeks before the main test. These mock tests help in improving the students’ performance in main exam.

  • Predicted Score
  • Depending on the overall performance of the students, a faint idea of score is predicted for every student individually. Till date Fact Dubai has able to accurately predict 96% of their students’ score.The institutions have expert set of facilities that provides proper guidance to the students along with necessary tips for the examination.

    The admissions process qualifies as the most important phase of your journey towards a degree in US. This process involves the active involvement of the parent and the student. Your application data, essays and documents are the eye piece of the University into you as a person and as a graduation of your academic skill set. Over the last two years the entire application processes for US universities have shown a paradigm shift towards an electronic one. More over the conservative structure of various documentation process involved in this phase has also moved into redundancy. This makes the process even more difficult to navigate.
    We facilitate you complete guidance in choosing the ideal Universities that fits the student profile and in creating your applications online while designing your crucial documents. We understand that projecting the student’s candidature in the right light can award him the edge at gaining admits with scholarship. We strive to ensure that your child get this chances at a world class education that are economically at the same time.

    Once admits have been received we help you analyze your options and opt the best one. Further to this we help you through the visa documentation process , such as the types of application forms to fill to the required documents to be carried on the day of Visa interview and prepare the student for the visa interview through one-on-one interactive sessions till the student is confident to undertake this step. This step is succeeded by the your actually journey to your destination University. Even there we our service follows you.

    With 1000 or more students who go through FACT every year we have students in most US universities in various phases of their education at any given time. Our post visa service help you network with this vast student base of ours in the University that you head to making your transition from home to University much more comfortable. Moreover our students could later grow to be your mentors there given their experience and their readiness to help you. This is a feature that we proudly uphold as feature that no other can offer.