About SEM Specialist

SEM Specialists is also said to be as Search Marketing Strategists.The abbreviation of SEM is Search Engine Marketing.

SEM Specialistwork on behalf of companies or organizations to ensure that when customers search for a specific orneedy content using Internet Search Engines, the websites for thatcompanies or organizations they work for should appear within the top results in the search results.SEM specialists assist in planning and managing Online Advertising Campaigns, updating Websites with new technologies that drive search results such as Blogs and RSS feeds.

Search Engine Marketing uses techniques such as Website and Search Optimization also with this Paid Internet Marketing method such as Pay-per-Click Advertising and Paid Directories. SEM specialists should know about various different Search Engines available and used by costumers and also the different Search and Ranking Techniques.

The technical skills must be needed and known for a SEM Specialists are

  • Writingand Editing HTML
  • Manipulating Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Having understanding of website designing and usability

SEM specialists should also have a thorough and good understanding of Marketing Principles and should able to apply those principles in the Internet Marketing. SEM specialists are also involved in the Organic and Paid Enhancement of a target website’s ranking.  SEM specialist work side by side with SEO specialists, to enhance website traffic with a variety of paid mechanisms.

Now to become a Shrewd SEM Specialist there are further important guidelines which have to be followed like –


SEM specialist is the new position created in the Digital Industry Market. They are the new IT personals or employees in the IT market. This designation is for the person who is passionate about the job to do,one needs to have the urge towards data and obsession towards working on Search Engines. Also, a person who loves to market or pitch a product by understanding consumer’s need& the various aspects involved with consumers.





  • Skills required for SEM Specialist


  • Analysis of SEM Methodologies


Should able to provide metrics regarding the effectiveness of any paid or

organic search engine enhancements.


  • Support SEO


Any of the techniques utilized in search engine optimization should be

understood, supported and refined.


  • Content Producer


Should be able to produce or manage production of content for the main

target website.


  • Implement New Campaigns


Have experience with paid mechanisms, linking services and ad vendors are

instrumental in developing and implementing SEM campaigns.


  • Keyword Research


Should be able to produce important keywords for the context or content



  • Competitor Analysis


Must know to analyze and compare competitor Marketing Campaigns in

order to generate or opt winning strategies and develop superior campaigns.


  • ROI Analysis


Must provide clients with data on campaign’s success as compared to investment.

v Responsibility of SEM Specialist


  • SEM Specialist in a company holds a crucial position.
  • SEM Specialist is responsible for the steady response of


  • Generation of Leads
  • Qualitative Traffic Generation or Online Sales.
  • The company’s Revenue Generation and Marketing ROI lies in hands of SEM Specialist.
  • SEM Specialist is responsible for optimizing the performance of search engine ads.
  • SEM Specialist is responsible forimproving the cost per acquisition.
  • SEM Specialist is responsible forimprovement of volume and the average value of leads and sales.


  • SEM Specialist is responsible forthe smooth functioning of the account by monitoring the pre-decided Cost Per Click (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR), and Average Position.
  • SEM Specialist is responsible for tracking the improvement of metrics in the form of reports and sharing the reports with the clients.
  • SEM Specialist is responsible for setting up and configuring the Google Analytics account with proper tracking of goals.
  • SEM Specialist is responsible for creating ideas for account optimization and prioritizing them, implementation and proper analysis of the goals set.
  • SEM Specialist is responsible for working on the new features of the AdWords and Analytics platform.


Sometimes the responsibility varies based on the type of company’s need like –


  • Digital Marketing/ PPC Agency

The SEM specialist will be responsible for the functioning of multiple clients


  • Lead Generation Company

The SEM manager will be responsible for generating inquiries and pass it

on to the sales team.

  • E-commerce Company

The SEM Analyst will be directly responsible for the revenue generation of

the website.


  • Job Description of SEM Specialist

The actual job of SEM Specialist is described as below –


  • With changing trends, should try to Identify new keyword opportunities.
  • Should choose the best, by testing different versions of ad copies and landing pages.
  • Togenerate regular reports, should track the metrics in Web Analytics Platform.
  • To predict the future budget, should manage account budget and plan.
  • To calibrate the effectiveness of SEM, should calculate the marketing ROI on regular basis.
  • Should create and execute Search Engine Marketing optimization strategies.


  • SEM Specialist may be required to work with a team of other marketing specialists too.


  • Jobs of SEM Specialist


Now a day, the SEM Specialist job is growing rapidly in the industry every year after year. Because most of the companies are looking into this post to hire candidates as their customers are on search engine searching for their product. Due to this the demand for this post is growing very fast. The job title of this post differs according to different company needs. The job title for this role can belike –


  • SEM Specialist
  • SEM Analyst
  • SEM Executive
  • PPC Manager
  • SEM / PPC growth hacker


The list also has still many more. But the primary SEM Specialist responsibility remains the same as explained before.


  • Salary of SEM Specialist


  • As per the norms of the industry, the salary is an attractive package of SEM Specialist.
  • Higher the experience in SEM Specialist job, that candidate gets the higher package.
  • Salary package of SEM Specialist, with experience also gets differ with the particular location too.
  • The average package for a SEMSpecialist is Rs 361,068 per annum.
  • Still the candidates in this job generally don’t have more than 10 years of experience.
  • The skills that increase pay for this jobmost are from


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Ad Words


To conclude, these are the above details which will ultimately guide to become a profession in SEM Specialist.