CIA Course FAQs

Frequently asked questions for CIA Course

With the exception of a few designated countries, CIA requirements are the same for all candidates.

Candidates have 3 years to complete the program.

The CIA Exam provides a scaled score that is between 250 and 750 points. You need a 600 to pass.
Note: 600 does NOT translate to 70%. It is simply a score and not a percentage of anything.
Your preliminary exam results are provided immediately when you finish your exam. Official results will be emailed within 24 to 48 hours.
You need to get at least 75% of the questions overall in order to be guaranteed to pass.
You may pass with a score as low as 70% if your exam was considered to be more difficult than the average exam.

CCMS is The IIA’s system for registering for the CIA exams, uploading required documents, and maintaining your certification. You will need to create a profile and submit the required information and then navigate to the “Complete a Form” section. In the “Complete a Form” section, you need to click on the CIA program and follow the steps to complete your application process.
You must pay the application fee when you are applying for the CIA program. You should not register for the CIA program until 6-8 weeks before you are ready to take your first exam.
The IIA approves candidate’s applications for three years. If a candidate did not complete the certification process within three years, he or she loses any fees paid and any exams passed. There is also a one-time 12-month extension available for a fee.

In most countries, candidates do not have to be a member of the IIA to take the CIA Exams. However, it is encouraged and recommended because the overall cost of registration for the exams is lower if you are an IIA member.
In some countries, candidates are required to be IIA members to take the CIA exams. Candidates should contact their local institute to verify the requirements.
Click to open the IIA Membership page on The IIA website

You can reschedule your exam through Pearson VUE’s online system or by contacting their customer service team. There are fees associated with this and limits.

No. You may take them in any order.

Unofficial results are available immediately after the exam is completed. Official results can be found on the IIA website after 1-2 days.

Below mentioned steps need to follow to register for CIA Examination;

  1. Join the IIA
  2. Pay Membership Fees
  3. Register and pay Exam Fees
  4. Acknowledgement of Registration
  5. Schedule your Examination
  6. Appear for the Exam

Our trainers are Qualified CIA (USA), CPA (USA), CISA (US), CMA (US), and ACCA having more than 20+ Industry Experiences as well as having experience of teaching for more than 10 years.

A student may miss not more than the three first CIA classes of the batch he/she wishes to enrol for. Make-up sessions will be provided for all missed CIA classes.

There is no deadline for CIA exam can be given anytime during the year

We at Delphi has our own proven methodology – we do not follow competitors and other service providers as we believe in delivering education and make careers which is associated with value addition.

In Delphi, the teaching aim is to make careers and not to only earn money. If the candidate attends the lecture, he will pass based on our learning pattern. If he is not successful, we do not leave our student and we offer re-take in the up-coming sessions.

You will be provided with live CIA classes and access to online course materials:

  1. Practice MCQs
  2. Study Plan
  3. Success Slides
  4. Mock Exams
  5. 5 Hours CIA mock and revision Session Online.

Delphi promises success in your CIA Exam, however if you are unsuccessful, you can avail the pass promise and attend the next batch free of cost.

Yes, Delphi acts as a complete guide for those aspiring to achieve the CIA qualification.