Certified Talent Acquisition Specialist Certification

Talent acquisition specialist helps companies create a brand that attracts more specialized talent while recruiters are more likely to fill jobs that require more of a generalized skill set. His expertise helps them fill high-level jobs that require a more specific skill set. A Talent Acquisition Specialist is responsible for sourcing, attracting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding employees in a company.

They factor in the long-term goals of an organization and acknowledge that manpower play a huge role in a company’s future successes
Though a talent acquisition specialist is part of a human resources team, this role is more specialized than your typical HR role. Most HR professionals are responsible for hiring, but they identify individuals with potential who may still need training to fill their roles. And, generally speaking, many HR jobs don’t involve the creation of longer-term staffing strategies.

On the other hand, a talent acquisition specialist is someone who hand-picks employees who already meet all job requirements and will not necessarily require additional training. If an employer doesn’t want to spend the time or money to train new employees, they typically will work with a talent acquisition specialist to find the right hire. Usually, they work in fast-changing, competitive industries where they’ll need to consider both an employee’s readiness for a current role and their ability to move into future roles. Their business, at its core, is talent

Certified Talent Acquisition Specialist Outline:

MODULE 1: Introduction

  • Recruitment and TA process
  • Candidate mindset and motivation

MODULE 2: Creating a Brand Pull

  • Employer Branding.
  • Brand Ambassador!!!
  • Social media communication

MODULE 3: Creating Candidate Pipelines

  • Sourcing mix strategy
  • Positioning and campus management
  • Building and cultivating networks
  • Passive candidate pipelines
  • Online and digital recruitment

MODULE 4: Sourcing Candidates

  • Sourcing – Job Portals.
  • Sourcing – Social Media
  • Meta Crawlers and online techniques

MODULE 5: Effective Management

  • Company to attract
  • Motivational tele screening – BEI
  • Effective candidate experience
  • Offers and negotiation
  • Pre joining process

MODULE 6: Recruitment Laws and Trends

  • EEOC
  • Contract Law
  • Diversity
  • Future of TA & Recruitment

Who should attend?

  • Senior HR, HR Specialist
  • Payroll officers, HR managers, HR Admin Manager
  • Lead PMS and Talent Management
  • Vice President HR, Deputy Manager
  • Senior Executive-Com & Ben
  • Head HR with relevant experience

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