Finance for Non-Finance Executives:


    To understand the role of Financial Statements in Business and Economy

    To measure the Business Performance for effective Management of Resources

    To know the cost components and its behavior to have better Financial Planning

    To use Management Accounting Technique for better Management Decisions,

Modes of Training:


Live Instructor Led

Course Overview:

In new emerging Business World, Managerial Performance is measured by how effectively they achieve their Budgets. To be a successful Non-Financial Manager, one needs to have an understating of basic and concepts of Finance and Accounts, Budgets and Business Performance Measurement. This course will enable the Non-Finance Managers to use the Financial and Accounting concepts as decision making tools and apply them in order to improve Budget Management, Analyze the available Business Alternatives to select a best option and assess the Financial Viability of Projects.

Course Major Topics:

    Introduction to Financial Statements

    Profit & Loss A/c Analysis

    Balance Sheet Analysis

    Cash Flow Analysis

    Costing Decisions

    Introduction to Financial Analysis

    Investment Appraisal

    Profit Margin

    Asset Turnover

    Return on Capital Employed

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