Career After AI Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry that requires professionals with up-to-date knowledge and skills. Graduating from our AI Digital Marketing Course opens a plethora of career opportunities. You will be equipped to step into roles such as AI Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst, SEO Strategist, Content Marketing Manager, and more. Companies are increasingly seeking professionals skilled in AI-driven marketing strategies to stay competitive, making your new skill set highly desirable in the job market. Individuals can demonstrate their expertise and stand out in a competitive job market by taking digital marketing classes from Delphi.

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Why Learn Digital Marketing Skills?

In today’s digital age, having a strong grasp of digital marketing skills is essential for any aspiring marketer. These skills are crucial for understanding how to effectively reach and engage with audiences online. By integrating AI in digital marketing toolkit, you can harness the power of data-driven insights to create more personalized and impactful marketing campaigns. Learning digital marketing skills through our Digital Marketing Course in UAE not only enhances your employability but also prepares you to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in your professional journey. In addition, mastering digital marketing skills can also open up opportunities for freelancing or starting your own business in the digital realm. With the increasing importance of online presence for businesses, having a strong foundation in digital marketing can set you apart from the competition and help you achieve success in today’s competitive market.
Delphi provides the best digital marketing course in Dubai to achieve these goals. By enrolling in this digital marketing course, individuals and businesses can stay ahead in the competitive market and effectively leverage the power of digital platforms for success.

Digital Marketing Certification opens up a lot of job opportunities, there are more than 50,000 job openings on various job portals. Every organization is including Digital Marketing in their marketing strategy thus creating a huge scope for Digital Marketing Specialist, digital marketing analysts, and digital marketing managers.

Become a Digital Marketing Freelancer in Dubai or anywhere else in the world and earn an awesome amount of money. Yes after getting Digital Marketing Certification you can start taking up digital marketing projects from any small, medium or large scale enterprises and earn by promoting their products.

In the coming future, learning digital marketing skills and getting digital marketing certificate will be compulsory for marketing student. So starting now will give you an edge over others. You can learn digital marketing course along with any regular degree program, and become industry ready while you graduate.

Digital Marketing Training in Dubai

Boost your career with a practical digital marketing course in Dubai from one of the best training institutes in Dubai. Delphi offers the best digital marketing course in Dubai that covers a wide range of topics, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content creation. By getting this digital marketing certificate, individuals can gain practical skills and knowledge that are highly sought after by employers in the industry.

Digital Marketing Course Details


Overview of Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Channels
Setting Up Digital Marketing Goals
Latest Trends in Digital Marketing
Job opportunities in Digital Marketing
ChatGPT for Blogging
ChatGPT for SEO & Creating a Buyer Persona
ChatGPT for Social Media Marketing & Meta Advertising
ChatGPT for Email Marketing

Building a Website

  • Domain registration and hosting
  • CMS (Content Management Systems) overview (WordPress, Wix, etc)

Website UX/UI Fundamentals

  • User experience principles
  • Responsive design
  • Accessibility

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

  • A/B testing
  • Landing pages
  • Call-to-action (CTA) optimization
What is SEO?
Importance of SEO in digital marketing
Different SEO Techniques
On-Page SEO
Keyword research and optimization
Meta tags (title, description)
Content optimization
URL structure
Off-Page SEO
Backlink building strategies
Social signals
Online reputation management
Site speed optimization
XML sitemaps and robots.txt
Google Search Console in Depth
Indexing in Search Console
Fixing Errors in Search Console
HTTPS & SSL Certificate
Optimizing Website Speed
Technical SEO
What is SEM?
Role of SEM in digital marketing
Difference between SEO and SEM
Overview of PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
Google Keywords Planner
SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest
How to Choose the Right Keywords
What is Google Ads and How does it Work?
Types of Google Ads
Landing Page
What is Search Ads?
Create Search Ad Campaign, Optimization, & Reporting
Understand Display Ads
Create Display Ad Campaign, Optimization, Reporting
Understanding Remarketing Ads
Running YouTube Ads
Running App Install Ads
Call Only Ads
All types of Audiences in Google Ads
Optimizing Different Google Ads
Conversion-based Campaigns & Optimization
Tools Related to Google Ads
Competitor-oriented Ad Campaigns
Strategies for Ad Campaigns
Shopping Campaigns
What are Third-Party Ads?
How to Run Ads on Third-Party Platforms?
Online Ad Platforms and Ad Buying Models
Publishing Ads on Third Party Platforms
Content Marketing Strategy

  • Defining your target audience
  • Content planning and ideation

Creating Engaging Content

  • Types of content (blogs, videos, infographics, etc.)
  • Writing compelling headlines
  • Storytelling in content

Content Distribution

  • Social media platforms
  • Content syndication

Measuring Content Effectiveness

  • Engagement Metrics
  • ROI of Content Marketing
1. Facebook Marketing
Introduction & Facebook Profile Creation
Facebook groups and page insights
Basics of Facebook Ads
Working of Facebook Ads & Types of Facebook Ads
Objectives of Facebook Ads
Audience and Targeting Optimization
Placement Options in Facebook ads
Ad copies and Copywriting
Buyer Persona
Understanding Advanced Facebook Pixel
Facebook Analytics
A/B Testing
Tracking Options & Spying Competitors
2. Instagram Marketing
Instagram Profile Creation
Profile Customization
Instagram Growth Strategy
Importance of Hashtags
Working of Instagram Algorithm
Running Ads on Instagram
3. LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn Profile Creation
Best Practices for Profile Setup & Posts
LinkedIn Ads
Facebook vs. LinkedIn Ads
Objectives of LinkedIn Ad
LinkedIn Ad Formats
Targeting Budget
Scheduling Options
Billing Account Setup
Practical- LinkedIn Ad Creation
LinkedIn Automation
4. YouTube Marketing
Introduction to YouTube Marketing
Understanding Working of YouTube
Understanding YouTube Algorithm
YouTube Ranking Factors
Setting Up YouTube Channel
Growing YouTube Channel Organically
YouTube Earning Opportunities
YouTube Channel Monetization
YouTube Funnels
Tools to Use for Channel Growth
Essentials for Recording Videos
Editing Voiceovers Using Right Tools
Editing Videos Using Right Tools
Uploading a Demo Video & Optimizing It
Adding Viral Elements to Videos
Channel Strategies for Different Niches

What is Email Marketing?
How to do Email Marketing?
Subject Line – Best Practices
Body Text Content Tips
Top Tools for Email Marketing
Automation in Email Marketing
Important Metrics for Email Marketing
Call to Actions in Email Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization
Spam Score in Email Marketing
Lead Generation
Email Marketing Funnels

What is Google Analytics?
Why Google Analytics?
Creating and Integrating Google Analytics Account with Your Website
User Management: Account Level, Property Level & View Level Rights
Understanding Website Analytics
Navigating Reports, Real-time Reports
Audience Reports – Demographics, Interests, Behavior, Technology
Acquisition Reports – Channels & Mediums
Conversion Reports
Audience Creation in Google Analytics
Google Analytics for SEO
Google Analytics for PPC Campaigns
Important Metrics in Google Analytics
Filter Creation
Understanding Attribution
Alternatives to Google Analytics
Tracking UTM Parameters

Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Market research and analysis
  • Identifying target audience and buyer personas
  • Budgeting and resource allocation

Campaign Planning and Execution

  • Creating a marketing calendar
  • Coordinating multi-channel campaigns
  • Project management tools and techniques

Performance Measurement and Optimization

  • Setting benchmarks and KPIs
  • Continuous improvement and optimization
  • Reporting to stakeholders
Marketing Automation

  • Benefits of automation
  • Tools and platforms
  • Setting up automated workflows

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

  • AI tools and applications
  • Personalization and predictive analytics

Digital Marketing Tools Covered

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Who should learn Digital Marketing?

Aspiring Students & Fresh Graduates

Web Marketers & Ad Agencies Professionals

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Sales & marketing Professionals from any field

Job positions after Digital Marketing Certification

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Social Media Marketer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • Google Ads Specialist / PPC Expert

Why Delphi?

Certified & Professional Trainers

Our faculties are qualified & industry experts with significant experience in their domain.

Live Instructor Led Training

We conduct live classes through GoToMeeting, Zoom and other live meeting software.

Cloud e-learning portal

Get live class notifications, view class recordings, or practice questions all in one access.

Flexible Batch Timings

All our batch schedules are designed to support work while you study principle.

Placement Assistance

We guide you to benefit from the newly acquired global professional certification.

Reputed Study Materials

We provide internationally reputed study materials with our customized success slides.

Digital Marketing Course Trainer

Advanced Digital Marketing Course in India

Rahul Rungta

Certified Digital Marketer & Consultant (Google), Chief Mentor & Trainer, ACA

Rahul has over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. He started his career in digital marketing at the dawn of the digital age in 2004.Read More

Jasmin Dawada

Certified Digital Marketer (Google), BE, CEH, Certified NLP Trainer

Jasmin Dawada is a Corporate Trainer, Life Coach, Digital Marketing Professional, Cyber Security Expert and more than anything else, a wonderful human being.Read More

Pankaj Sarrof

MCA (H), OMCP, Hubspot & Google Certified

Pankaj is an innovator, trendsetter, and progressive thinker who can successfully develop and evolve a company’s Digital Activity across all existing online platforms. Read More

Digital Marketing Course FAQs

Frequently asked questions Online Digital Marketing Certification

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. It includes various strategies like social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and more.

This digital marketing course is designed for beginners, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and anyone interested in learning digital marketing practically.

In this course, you’ll learn about digital marketing strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising. You’ll also gain practical skills to create and manage digital marketing campaigns.

No prior experience is required. This course is beginner-friendly, and we’ll cover the basics before diving into more advanced topics.

Yes, our course content is regularly updated to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and industry best practices.

Yes, following completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that you can display on your resume or LinkedIn profile. In addition to training completion certification, you will receive a KHDA (Dubai Government) validated certification stating that you are a certified digital marketer.

This course includes E-learning portal access with video lectures, reading materials, practical exercises, and access to essential tools and resources to help you practice and apply what you’ve learned in the live practical classes with the teacher.

Once you enroll, you’ll have a personal login to access the course materials from any device with an internet connection.

This course is accessible internationally, and you can enroll from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection.

Yes, we’re pleased to offer both internship opportunities and job placement assistance as part of our commitment to your professional development. Upon successfully completing the course, you will have the option to apply for a one-month internship in the field of digital marketing. Additionally, our dedicated team will provide job placement assistance, to help you kickstart your career in digital marketing.

Yes, we offer group discounts for organizations looking to enroll multiple employees. Please contact our sales team for details on corporate training packages.

Our Trainers and Faculties are having many industry specialized Certifications from Google, Hubspot, OMCP etc with over a decade’s experience as a working professional and as trainers.

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