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After you receive your Digital Marketing Certifications, opportunities galore. This is one of the most in-demand skills on the planet as of today. Excellent Career Opportunities as a working professional, as a Business Executive or even as a Freelancer Digital Marketing Consultant.

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Why learn Digital Marketing?

Are you an accounting professional or student thinking of internal auditing as a career? In the face of national and global regulatory changes, internal auditing as a profession is rapidly expanding in scope and in influence — and it offers Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) professionals a range of promising career paths.

High demand equals higher salaries. Companies and organizations are in such a need for CIAs that many have increased the average starting salary to encourage more to enter the field.

There’s only one globally accepted certification for internal auditing – and you guessed it, it’s the CIA. Once you attain this status you will have proved that you have the skills and knowledge to meet the highest of standards in this field.

Not everyone might think this but trust us: it’s cool to be a CIA. Working in internal audit means you get to explore the organization you work for, protect it from risk, add value and be thrown a variety of diverse and stimulating challenges. All this plus it makes you a professional in demand.

Digital Marketing Course in India

Internal auditors are in high demand by organizations in virtually every industry and category, the career path for a CIA professional is relatively linear, due to the specialization of the role. Some internal auditors can and do cross-over to broader management or accounting roles, of course, but in general, the career path is one of seniority and experience.

Digital Marketing Course Details


Introduction to Digital Marketing
Why Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Case Studies
Types & Techniques of Digital Marketing

HTML Vs WordPress
Free vs paid WordPress
Choosing Domain & Hosting Plans
Installing WordPress from cPanel
Creating a website on Google Sites
WordPress: CMS framework
Creating Blogs
Creating Webpages
Creating Menus
Using Page Builders
Using Plugins, Templates
Themes – Free & Paid
Making Professional Websites

Introduction to SEO
Anatomy of Websites
Factors that influence SERP Rankings
SERP Elements
How Crawler Search Engines Work
Plagiarism Considerations
Content Marketing Basics
Writing Impressive Titles
Writing Professional Meta Descriptions
URL Dos & Don’ts
Types of Queries

Intro to Email Marketing
Email Marketing Statistics
Best Practices – Case studies
Subject Line – Best Practices
Body Text Content Tips
Email Marketing Best Practices
Building Email Lists
The Buy Method
The Extract Method
The Ask Method
Integrating Pop-Ups
Creating Mailchimp Account
Using Mailchimp
Creating / Importing Audience Lists
Emailing Templates
Creating Email Campaigns
Integrating Mailchimp on websites

Intro to Affiliate Marketing
The Online Passive Income Dream
Affiliate Providers
Understanding Google AdSense
Finding an Affiliate Niche
Exploring Affiliates
Registering as an Amazon Affiliate Associate
Product Linking / Affiliate Banners
Integrating Amazon Affiliate products on Your Website

The Mobile Revolution
Mobile Marketing Statistics
Mobile Friendly Websites
Types of SMS Campaigns
Running an SMS Campaign
Opt-ins & Opt-out Options
SMS Templates
Location Based Services Apps
Augmented Reality Apps
Introduction to QR Codes
The Mobile Gaming Industry
Gaming as an Advertisement Platform
Using & Generating QR Codes
Introduction to Video Marketing
Creating Video Content – Intro Logos, Video Presentations, Screen Recorder, Whiteboard Animations, Explainer Videos
Creating YouTube Channel
Keyword Considerations
Video Categorization & Tagging
Channel Description Best Practices
Video Description Best Practices
Creating the Perfect thumbnail
Designs & Creatives
Creating Professional Social Media Posts
Power of Social Media
Choosing the Right Social Media
Introduction to LinkedIn
Creating All-Star LinkedIn profile
Linkedin Business Pages
Paid Linkedin campaigns for Business Targeting
Introduction to Facebook
Facebook Profile Insights
Creating Facebook Posts
Creating Facebook Pages
Using Facebook Pixel for Retargeting
Introduction to Instagram
Creating Instagram Posts
Paid Twitter Campaigns
Paid Snapchat Campaigns
Paid Pinterest Campaigns
Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
Concept of PPC
SEM: Pros & Cons
Myths & Reality of PPC
Creating Google Ads Account
Keyword Research & Planning Tools
Competition Analysis
Google Ad Formats
Campaigns & Ad groups
PPC Terms – Types of Google Networks, CPC, Bidding, CTR
Keyword Match Types
Quality Score Factors
Creating Amazing Landing Pages
Creating Ad Copy
Device Bidding, Frequency Capping & Other considerations
Basic Google Ads Search Campaign
Detailed Targeting with Placements
Lead Generation Campaigns
What is Content Marketing
Why Content Marketing is a must for organic traffic
Content Writers & Influencers
Plagiarism Checkers and Article Spinners
Writing Great Titles
Case Study: The Buyer’s Journey
What Content goes Viral?
Buyer’s Persona: Using Buyer Persona Tool to identify ideal visitor
How to get Content Ideas
Landing Page Case studies
Trending Content Research Tools
What is ORM
Importance of Reviews Post Web 2.0
Tools for ORM Monitoring
Handling Negative Reviews
Case Studies
ORM Strategies
ORM Assignment
What is Google Analytics
Why Google Analytics?
Creating and Integrating Google Analytics Account
Accounts, Properties & Views
User Management: Account Level, Property Level & View Level Rights
Google Analytics Demo Account
Dimensions, Metrics, Sessions & Cookies
Google Merchandise Store Analytics
Navigating Reports
Real-time Reports
Audience Reports – Demographics, Interests, Behavior, Technology
Acquisition Reports – Channels & Mediums
Conversion Reports
Adding Segments
Views & Filters
Using “Ask Analytics Intelligence”
Creating Custom Dashboards
Campaign Tagging
Custom Alerts
Filtering Bots, Spiders
Filtering Own Traffic
Google Analytics Exam
Timing & Pacing
Preparing for the Google Certification
Mock Exams
Online Google Exams
Google Certification

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Who should learn Digital Marketing?

Lay a foundation for continued Improvement and Advancement in your Career

Demonstrate your proficiency with Internal Staff and External Clients

Develop your knowledge of best practices in the Industry

Distinguish yourself from your Peers

Job positions after Digital Marketing Certification

  • Internal Auditor
  • Senior Internal Auditor
  • Internal Audit Director
  • Auditing Specialist
  • Risk Assessment Specialist
  • Chief Manager – Internal Audit
  • Internal Controls Auditor
  • Lead Internal Auditor
  • Risk Manager

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How to get Certified in Digital Marketing?


Learn Digital Marketing Skills

Register with your local Chapter of IIA and apply through there IIA students portal.


Choose your niche

Start your CIA Exam preparation with our Instructor led live classes and practice questions through our e-learning portal.


Appear for the Exams

Our consultant will help you to schedule the examinations in your nearest Pearson View Exam center and complete all the formalities.


Get Certified!

Pass all the 3 parts of the CIA Exams and then apply for the CIA Certification from the IIA.

Digital Marketing Course Trainer

Jasmin Dawada

Certified Digital Marketer (Google), BE, CEH, Certified NLP Trainer

Jasmin Dawada is a Corporate Trainer, Life Coach, Digital Marketing Professional, Cyber Security Expert and more than anything else, a wonderful human being.Read More

Pankaj Sarrof

MCA (H), OMCP, Hubspot & Google Certified

Pankaj is an innovator, trendsetter, and progressive thinker who can successfully develop and evolve a company’s Digital Activity across all existing online platforms. Read More

Certified & Professional Trainers

Our faculties are qualified & industry experts with significant experience in their domain.

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Digital Marketing Course FAQs

Frequently asked questions Online Digital Marketing Certification

Yes, Free demo sessions are provided in the on-demand format and live format to give an overview of the methods and techniques used in teaching.

We provide weekend batches specifically with the time constraints of the working professional in mind. The participants can choose from a vast array of time slots in the mornings, noon and the evening slots on weekdays & weekends.

Our Trainers and Faculties are having many industry specialized Certifications from Google, Hubspot, OMCP etc with over a decade’s experience as a working professional and as trainers.

Yes. You will need a basic Computer System or Laptop for the online training with standard Operating System Installed (Windows / MAC OS both are ok) with good internet speeds. The machine should be fast and virus free.

Although the topics will be the same, the major difference is the experience and the practical hands-on approach used by our certified trainers. Plus, the course has been structured specifically to provide deep and case study based examples with checklists to give our students a fantastic hands-on experience.

No. All you need is basic knowledge of Computers / Smartphones and Technologies used in day to day life, like Internet browsing, online shopping and basic smartphone and Social media usage.

You can reschedule your exam by contacting your trainer for rescheduling the online exam

The exam results are available immediately after the exam is completed. These results are instantly displayed on the Official Google website.

The exam process is straightforward. The trainer will share the step by step instructions for registration a week prior to the exam.

There is no deadline. The exam can be given anytime during the year.

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