About Digital Marketing

Marketing of any products or services by using digital technics to gain and attract customers with having acknowledged of main objective to promote different brands through numerous forms of digital media. Especially, it uses different digital marketing strategies to communicate business-specified information to a customer in order to get a genuine response. In general, Digital Marketing works to initiate effective marketing campaigns online. Digital Marketing mainly involves using social media platforms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to promote the sales of Products, Brands, or Services to the customers.

There are very essential important skills needed to become a Digital Marketing professional such as –

  • Should have good skills in sales
  • Good ability to analyze and execute marketing campaigns
  • Should have skills of creativity and analytical abilities
  • Expertise skills in social media advertising
  • Expertise skills in marketing channels
  • An ability of good copy and visual storytelling
  • Skills of WordPress understanding
  • Skills in having short and relevant messages
  • Ability to analyze quantifiable metrics
  • Skills of listening
  • Expertise in basic design skills
  • Ability to think and understand quickly
  • Skills of having self-promotion intellect
  • Having acceptable personality
  • An ability of thinking independent

Marketing has always been about connecting with the customers in the right place and at the right time. Today, that means you need to meet them where they are already spending time, and with the digital trend evolving fast on the internet most of the people are online browsing to get their appropriate products according to their needs. So this is the place where Digital Marketing plays its role to attract and gain genuine customers to grow more business to any company.

As a whole, there is no need for Digital Marketing to be a separate entity from the Marketing Department of an organization because after the separation, still, the objectives of both will be the same. For now, it acts as a useful term because Digital Marketing needs a certain skill set to utilize digital technology effectively. So to become a niche in Digital Marketing

a profession is better to obtain certification course so after the completion, there will be a good recognition and job opportunities in plenty.

About Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing denotes any kind of promotion, advertising, or campaign that has been used by companies for years, and proven a rate of success. The marketing methods include print advertisements such as newsletters, billboards, flyers, and newspaper print ads. This is a relatively broad category that includes many formats of advertising and marketing. It is the oldest form of marketing globally and is also used in Mass Communication.

The majority of Traditional Marketing strategies belongs to these four categories such as –

  • Print type
  • Broadcast type
  • Direct mail type
  • Telephone type

Traditional marketing methods denote with the “4 Ps” of marketing such as –

  • Price
  • Product
  • Placement
  • Promotion

Traditional marketing approaches customers in many ways to have a better business such as –

  • Word of mouth
  • Business events
  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets
  • Flex boards
  • Business cards

Traditional Marketing Media incorporates a number of communication tools for advertisements such as –

  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Radio Broadcasts
  • Television Broadcasts

With “Selling” as the utmost aim, marketing strategies are transformed by two basic features such as –

  • Acquiring of new customers
  • The Holding of secured customers

Therefore basic main purpose beyond any type of marketing is “Selling” It is accomplished with the support of properly designed out plans known as Marketing Strategies.

Now about the Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

S/N Digital Marketin Traditional Marketing
1. Can reach people only with an internet connection Can reach people without internet connection
2. Proper analytical data available No proper analytical data available
3. Can easily hit the target market spot Cannot easily hit the target market spot
4. Advertisements can be changeable Advertisements cannot be changeable
5. Tracking and analytics are possible Tracking and analytics are not exactly possible
6. Campaigns can be redesigned and implemented Campaigns cannot be redesigned and Implemented
7. Little or no investment needed to reach targeted customers Huge investment needed to reach targeted customers
8. Attracts customers to search for various products and services Messages are pushed to the customers by the companies
9. Very much cost effective for business Cost is very high for business
10. Have direct contact with the customer and the business Not much direct contact with the customer and the business
11. This marketing is flexible in all ways This marketing is static
12. Interaction with the customer is very huge Interaction with the customers are not more

Due to these differences between them, Digital Marketing has become more popular than Traditional Marketing and so it is ruling today’s business world in a larger way and most of the companies are opting for it for gaining better performance and good revenue by running long-term businesses.


Due to today’s digital age, everything pertaining to business has becoming digitalized because of its efficiency in business growth. So now it depends on the individual which marketing will be better or suits for his/her type of business and what marketing ways to prefer. So hope this article will give you knowledge of understanding which is the best to opt. To know more about the Digital Marketing course and register please visit our website URL: https://edudelphi.com/digital-marketing/