9 Free Digital Marketing Tools For SEO Analysis

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How well are you doing in your SEO? Every digital marketing professional needs to do their timely SEO analysis in order to tweak their content marketing strategies accordingly. There are several SEO tools and in this blog post, I am attempting to list all the FREE SEO Tools that can help you become a good SEO professional. The ideal analytical tool should be able to see the performance of off-page factors like link-building and social media engagements. With these analytical tools, you can understand how visitors and search engines are grading your website. Let us explore 20 SEO tools in this article:

List of Top 9 Free Digital Marketing Tools

1. Google Analytics
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Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you to track visitors behavior on the site.  This SEO tool helps you to track which web page is performing well on a monthly basis and which keywords are boosting website traffic. By using this tool, you will be able to develop a new digital marketing strategy or improvise on the existing strategy. It will also enable you to decide on distributing your monthly budget to the top performing digital marketing channel. Thereby achieve the ROI. This free tool is useful for you to make a comparison of the current figures with the historical data to help you analyze the impact of your digital marketing strategies implemented in the past.

2. Google Search Console
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While Google Analytics provides you the numbers, Google Search Console will also give you great insights into people who search for the website and how Google interprets your website. It tells the indexability and crawlability of your website and search position and visibility.

3. Google Page Speeds Insights
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This is a great tool to check the page loading speed of your website. This is another major factor that affects your ranking by the search engines. You can check the speed against the industry standards and best practices.

4. Hubspot’s Website Grader
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This tool provides personalized inputs on SEO audit. It will tell you how much you need to optimize to get the best traffic, conversion, leads,and revenue. It analyses the performance of your website, how mobile-friendly it is, how much humans and bots understand your site and the security.

5. Seoptimer
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This tool reviews the website and provides a full report in PDF format. It also audits sub-pages and provides a report. The tool also offers suggestions about how you can improve the website for ranking.The SEOptimer has the following metrics for your website analysis: HTML header, Body Content, Links, Sitemaps, Website Usability, and Page Speed. These are the indicators of your website’s SEO that lets you know the number of characters that you have included in the title tags, the keyword consistency in your on-page content, content density, alt tags for images, the number of backlinks and the sitemap structure that your website has. This tool gives you an overall idea of where the website stands in both On-Page and Off-Page SEO structure.

6. SEO Ranking Website Audit
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This tool is available for 15 days free of cost. It finds out errors on more than 6 dozen parameters including domain overview, image optimization, link data analysis, mobile friendliness, keyword grouping, competitor SEO etc.

7. SEO Workers
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An important tool giving you analysis on the length and relevance of title tag, description meta tag, keywords and keywords meta tag and robots meta tag directives. It analyses how the page is displayed within search engine results.

The noticeable difference between this SEO Tool and the other tool is that:

  • It has the Google webmaster help video featuring Matt Cutts for every SEO parameters for your website analysis.

8. WebCEO
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An amazing tool for agencies and small businesses. It finds out broken links, page speed, missing images etc. It will also give easy to do tips on how you can fix the errors. The results are available in PDF format. If you use regularly they will send Email alerts when they get more errors.

9. SEM Rush
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This is an SEO tool providing comprehensive actionable data. It provides the report in your convenient format. It provides accurate feedback on SEO issues. This tool has some of the key metrics like the following:

  • Organic Traffic Analysis: SEM Rush uses its own unique metrics to rank your website for the organic traffic. It also shows the number of keywords that your website is indexed in the search engine result.
  • Backlink Analysis: Being aware of the number of backlinks that your website is getting is very important for preparing your SEO campaign plan. This tool gives you an idea as to how many backlinks their website is receiving and also from the source
  • Competitor Analysis: This is probably the most important metrics that is required for your website analysis. This tool allows you to compare the SEO performance to some of your competitors that you would like to target.
  • Keyword Performance: In this metrics, SEM Rush lets you know of the number of organic keywords that
    your website is ranking for.