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Pankaj Bhagchandani

I really enjoyed learning SAP FICO@Delphi Training due to the excellent training staff and management here, who are very knowledgeable and professional in SAP.

Hussam Aijaz

I would give such a flexible training 5 out of 5 and would recommend to take courses with Delphi Star in near future. I am well satisfied with Delphi and looking forward to take more courses.

Jafar Ansari

Great experience in learning SAP@Delphi very professional staff, detailed training, and great infrastructure.

Review of our SAP Classroom Training Program by candidates

Pritesh Dattani

Good diverse classmates, some experienced, some learning. I liked combination of practical notes and explanation of “why something is important” not how to do it.

Mudasser Siddiqui

If you want to know the whole process of financial accounting and controlling this course is very uesful.

Nimisha Shukla

The instructor’s knowledge was thorough, the material was simplified enough that even with a basic grasp of accounting, you soon start using the more advanced techniques. Overall, I am very satisfied with the training provided and the staffs of Delphi.