Business Analytics Course:

We create 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data every day. So much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Source: IBM Big Data

Professionals who can analyze all this data & create useful information are highly sought after by Companies across the World.

Modes of Training


Live Instructor Led

Self Paced Video

The Business Analytics Boom:

Business and the Governments are finding ways to make sense of all the available Data. Business Analytics thus finds favor as it is the use of Tools and Techniques like Data Mining, Pattern Matching, Data Visualizations and Predictive Modeling to predict and optimize outcomes and derive value from the Data. Equipped with this useful Information, Organizations can compete better in Cut-Throat Markets both Locally and Globally.

Create your Niche with our Business Analytics Program:

Today, Data is everywhere. We create it simply with the touch of a Button. But how much of it is useful? Whether you are in Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing or Planning, you may be in touch with million Data Points every day without being aware of how to derive valuable Information from this Data.

With Business Analytics Program, you will be able to extract useful Information from millions of bytes within minutes. This program focuses on Forecasting, Econometric and Time Series Analysis and Prediction of Future Outcomes based on Historical Patterns. It makes Extensive use of Data, Statistical and Quantitative Analysis, Explanatory and Predictive Modeling and Fact-Based Management to drive decision making.

The program consists of classroom training with a specially designed 3-day hands-on workshop where you can start interpreting data along with projects and assignments that have a Real-World case study mode rather than just Theory. (It is compulsory to carry your Personal Laptop to the Class)

Be a DATA Wizard:

The course will enable you to-

    Explore data to find new Patterns and Relationships (Data Mining)

    Predict the relationship between different variables (Predictive Modeling, Predictive Analytics)

    Predict the probability of default and create Customer Scorecards (Logistic Regression)

    Understand a Problem in Business, Explore and Analyze the problem

    Use tools like R (open source) and Excel to interpret Data

    Solve Business Problems using Analytics (in R) in different Fields

The Ideal Candidate for Business Analytics Course:

This course is designed to equip professionals working in the fields of Finance, Marketing, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, IT, Analytics, Marketing Research, or Commodity Markets with the Essential Tools, Techniques, and Skills to answer important Business Questions.

There are no real skills you need to take this course, although Basic Mathematics and good Analytical Skills will be beneficial. However, the course is designed for people with minimal Mathematical Knowledge.

Career Benefits:

The use of Business Analytics is widespread across all Industries and Functions, including Information Technology, Web/E-commerce, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Banking and Insurance, Biotechnology, Human Resource Management. Some of the application areas include Critical Product Analysis, Target Marketing, Customer Life-cycle Management, Customer Service, Social Media Behavior and Link Analysis, Fraud Detection, Genetic Research, Inventory Management, etc.

Below a list of a few Business Analytics Roles across Industries:

    SAP CO Business Analyst

    Intelligence Analyst

    Imagery Analyst

    Information Analyst

    Net Java Analyst

    SAP PP Senior Analyst

    Senior Business Systems Analyst

    Business Intelligence Analyst

    Business Data Analyst

    Contract Analyst

    Junior Business Analyst


The course starts from basics but having Basic Knowledge of Excel will help

Business Analytics Course Structure:

    Introduction to Analytics

    Data Analysis (Will be using excel to solve examples)

    Basic Statistics

    Predictive Modelling

    Logistic Regression

Upcoming Business Analytics Classes in Abu Dhabi

Training Type Start Date
Live Instructor-Led Online 22 Feb 2019 Join Online

3 Days Business Analytics Course:

Day 1: Introduction to Analytics, Data & Basic Statistics Analytics v/s Analysis  
Types of Analytics, Business Domains within Analytics
Types of Data Variables & Summarizing Data
Central Tendency, Symmetry and Skewness
Random Variables, Probability Distribution, Central Limit Theorem
Sampling and Statistical Inference, Confidence Intervals
Case Study 1: Banking Sector Credit Card Department
Day 2: Basic Statistics & Predictive Modeling Hypothesis Testing 
Analysis of Variance
Introduction to Tools and Software commonly used in Analytics
Multivariate Linear Regression Theory
Day 3: Predictive Modeling & Forecasting Multivariate Linear Regression (Using Excel and R) 
Logistic Regression (Using R) 
Case Study: Auto Insurance Company, Banking Sector Credit Card Department  

Business Analytics Certification Course Highlights

Online and Classroom Training
Learn from Business Analytics Certification Industry Experts and Prepare yourself for Business Analytics certification. 
Best Business Analytics Study Material
Hard Copy and Soft Copy of Study Notes 
Online Business Analytics Courses Materials
Topic Wise study material in the form of Presentation, Case Studies, Practical Exercises and Quiz or Assignments with detailed answers and explanation. 
24×7 Online Business Analytics Course Forum
Doubt solving forum to interact with faculty & fellow students. 
Assignments & Cases
Work on real time cases from different Domains. 
24×7 Online Access
24×7 Access to Course Material (Unlocked Excel Models, Presentations, etc)

Free support till passing the Examination.