About Microsoft Excel Training Program Overview

Microsoft Excel is a Spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. It features Calculation, Graphing Tools, Pivot Tables, and a Macro Programming Language called Visual Basic for Applications. It has been a very widely applied Spreadsheet for these Platforms, especially since Version 5 in 1993, and it has replaced Lotus 1-2-3 as the Industry Standard for Spreadsheets. Excel forms part of Microsoft Office.

Advanced Excel course in Dubai

Course Targeted Audience

This Program is best suited for people who use Microsoft Excel in their day-to-day work, and know the basics fairly well, knowledge of the basics of Excel, including how to Create, Edit, Format, and Print Worksheets that include Charts, Sorting and Filtering Data, but would like to extend their knowledge of the more Advanced functions of Excel to become more Productive and make the most of Excel.

The Course is designed for Professionals would want to learn more Complex Formulas, Troubleshoot and Customize Excel Application, Automate Excel Files and Create Dashboards how Sort and Filter more Specific data, Import and Export Data Sets, Analyze Data using the rich features provided in Excel. It will impart the necessary skills to create Macros.

Training Targets

Participants will learn to use advanced functions of Excel to improve Productivity, enhance Spreadsheets with Advance Level Formulas, Dynamic Charts, Visualize Data with use Powerful Graphics, Dashboards and Streamline their Operational Work.
Participants will also learn how to automate common Tasks, apply Advanced Analysis Techniques to more Complex Data Sets, Collaborate on Worksheets with others, and Leverage on Excel’s Advanced Functionality to Simplify and Streamline their day-to-day Work.
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After Completion of Course

After the successful completion of the Advanced Excel Training Program, Students will be able to:

    Automate Workbooks with Advanced Functions / Formulas (Formula Nesting, Mega Formula, Array Formula).

    Work with Large datasets, files with advanced data handling techniques.

    Advanced Usage of Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, Filters, Protection, Pivot Table, Chart, and Formats.

    Analyze and present Data using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

    Creating Dashboards using Pivot and Controls.

    Customize, Troubleshoot and enhance Workbooks and the Microsoft® Office Excel® Environment.

    Advanced Excel Certification

Delphi Star Training provides an Advanced Excel Certification Letter at the end of the Course; it’s a Professional Document work as a proof to show that a potential job Candidate has completed an Advanced Excel Course and is eligible for a particular job. The certification consists of your Grade / Marks achieved according to the performance of the Assignments / Case Studies you have done. (tesseraonlaketravis.com) The certification card will be labeled with Course Name, Course Duration along with a Grade.

In case you have a Low Grade for the first time, you can have a complete assistance from Delphi Star Training in finishing the Assignments/ Case Studies with help from our Instructors. We are here to help you 24×7.

Upcoming Advanced Excel Classes in Dubai

Training Type Start Date
Blended – Classroom + Online (Suspended due to COVID-19) NA

Live Instructor-Led Online 31 Jul 2020

Advanced Excel Course curriculum

    Excel Limitation.

    Excel Shortcut use and Benefits.

    Excel Setting and Custom List Creation.

    Excel Tamplate and File Location System.

    Advanced Paste Special.

    Calulation with Paste Special.

    Link Data Range as Picture Link.

    Formatting Triks.

    Date & Time Format.

    Advanced Custom Formating (Number Format using Code).

    Condtional Formatting.

    Advanced Conditional Formatting using Formulas.

    Files, Sheets or Cells Protection Method.

    Data Fill and Selection Method.

    Advanced Sorting and Filter.

    Data Summarization with Pivot Table.

    Calculation with Pivot Table.

    External Data Pivot Table.

    Timeline and Slicer in Pivot Table.

    Power Pivot in Excel 2016.

    Formula Basics for Advance Level Formulas.

    Logical Formulas (IF, AND, OR, IF Error Formulas).

    Nested IF Formulas ( Multi Condition in IF, AND, OR ).

    Text and Advanced Text Formulas.

    Date and Time Calculation using Data Time Formulas.

    Ref# Formulas and V Lookup.

    Lookup Method(V Lookup, H Lookup, Match, Index, Offset).

    Advanced V Lookup and V Lookup Listing.

    Math & Trigno Formulas.

    Data Summarization Formulas.


    Database and List Management Formulas.

    Information Formulas.

    Financial Formulas.

    Advanced Array Formulas.

    Complicated Large Formulas Creation.

    Advanced Naming Method with Formulas.

    Report Automation with Formulas.

    Chart Creation.

    Chart Tricks.

    Dynamic Chart with Offset Formulas.

    Dashboard Example.

How does it Work?

This is Advanced Excel Training

This Course contains Practical Work involving Practical Hands-On, Lab Assignments, and Real World Case Studies. This practical work can be done at your own pace. Delphi Star Training provides the best Excel Training Services you ever had.
You will have access to 24×7 Technical Support. You can request for assistance for any problem you might face or for any clarifications you may require during the Course. Take assistance of Excel Online Tutorial.
At the end of the Excel Training, you will have to work on a Project. You will receive a Grade and a Verifiable Certificate on the successful completion of this Project.

Advanced Excel Course Highlights

Classroom Training
Learn from Advanced Excel Industry Experts and Prepare yourself for Google Certification.
Study Material
Hard Copy of Study Notes
Online Materials
Topic wise Study Material in the form of Presentation, Case Studies, Practical Exercises and Quiz or Assignments with detailed answers and explanation.
24×7 Forum
Doubt solving forum to interact with Faculty & Fellow Students.
Assignments & Cases
Work on Real Time cases from different Domains.
24×7 Online Access
24×7 Access to Course Material (Unlocked Excel Models, Presentations, etc)

Mode Of Training:


Durati​on 16 Hours

ADVANCED EXCEL Certification Course Highlights

Online and Classroom Training
Learn from ADVANCED EXCEL Certification Industry Experts and Prepare yourself for ADVANCED EXCEL certification. 
Best ADVANCED EXCEL Study Material
Hard Copy and Soft Copy of Study Notes 
Online ADVANCED EXCEL Courses Materials
Topic Wise study material in the form of Presentation, Case Studies, Practical Exercises and Quiz or Assignments with detailed answers and explanation. 
24×7 Online ADVANCED EXCEL Course Forum
Doubt solving forum to interact with faculty & fellow students. 
Assignments & Cases
Work on real time cases from different Domains. 
24×7 Online Access
24×7 Access to Course Material (Unlocked Excel Models, Presentations, etc)

Free support till passing the Examination.

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