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We Delphi Star Training Center with Headquarters in Dubai, U.A.E., always looking for Highly Motivated, Hardworking, and Dedicated People to join our Teams at the Corporate and Regional Level.

We’re consistently recognized as “The Best at our Work Ethics,” and it’s s an Honor we take to our Heart. You’ll find a home at Delphi, with a friendly Team Environment, Global Opportunities, and Career Advancement Support, whether you’re just starting out or have Years of Experience hand.

Our openings span everything from Marketing Management, Account Management to Technical Recruiting. If you are looking for a Rewarding Career with Advancement Opportunities this will be the right place.

Career Paths

From Home to Office, our Ambitious Goals are focused on building a Smarter, Safer, and more sustainable World.
While Growth, Technology, and Products are important, people are at the center of it all. We work for the greater good and give back to our Communities. We also are a Pay – for –Performance Culture, with differentiated rewards for our Top Performers. And we offer Programs that allow us to develop Leaders from within.


Sales are a Critical piece of Running and Growing our business at Delphi, from influencing the Design of Products and to delivering good services. The Sales function is truly Global and is integrated into Multiple Touch Points due to the Complexity of our Clients and Products.

Information Technology

Working at Delphi, is a Transformational Career Opportunity for anyone who wants to gain diverse Experiences in Technologies, Industries, and Information Technology (IT) career paths.

Law and Government

A career with Delphi, will allow you to leverage proven Business Acumen and Legal Expertise across our many Businesses, where you can gain Broad Exposure and Diverse Experiences.


Finance Employees have the opportunity to participate in a broad scope of Career Experiences with exposure to Multiple Business Models and Roles across the Organization.

Marketing and Business Development

Working in Marketing and Business Development allows you Virtually Limitless Opportunities to Innovate, Define and Improve One Self and how we take our Products and Services to next level in the Market.


Delphi Star Training Center is a Dynamic place to build your Career in today’s Global Business Environment. Our ability to bring World – Class Products and Services to Market faster and more Cost-Effectively is a key competitive advantage for our Team.

Human Resources and Communications

Our Delphi HR Team is organized across three major Centers of Excellence (Talent Management and Staffing, Compensation and Benefits, and Labor and Employee Relations), while Communications manages the ways we connect with our Employees, Clients, Markets where we Operate and try to give best Output.

Why Choose Delphi ?

At Delphi, we are linking People and Businesses to the Information they need to be more Efficient, more Productive, and more Connected.

In this emerging Internet of things Era, the World is moving from Simple Digital Transactions to Complex Digital – to – Physical Interfaces.

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