Data analytics can be defined as the science of analyzing raw data in order to make conclusions about that information. This information can then be used to optimize processes to increase the overall efficiency of a business or system. Many of the techniques and processes of data analytics have been automated into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data for human consumption. Data analysis is important in business to understand problems faced by an organisation and to explore data in meaningful ways. Data in itself is merely facts and figures. Data analysis organizes, interprets, structures and presents the data into useful information that provides context for the data. Accountants and Finance Professionals are more and more expected to deliver information from the accounting statements that are useful for strategic and other decisions of the management in different functions. The programme on Data Analytics will give an exposure to the mechanisms for using Data Analytics by Accounting and Finance Professionals.

Course Benefits

Data analysis is an internal organizational function that is more than merely presenting numbers and figures to management. It requires a much more in-depth approach to recording, analyzing and dissecting data, and presenting the findings in an easily-digestible format.

With our data analytics course you’ll be able to provide a company with decision-making insight into the following key areas:

    Predict customer trends and behaviours.

    Analyze, interpret and deliver data in meaningful ways.

    Increase business productivity.

    Drive effective decision-making.

Career Opportunities

Demand for knowledgeable data analytics professionals currently outweighs the supply, meaning that companies are willing to pay a premium to fill their open job positions. But the skills and job opportunities within data science go beyond the tech and digital spaces.

Salary for professionals For Accounting and Finance certifications can help scale up salaries by 15%.

Course Structure

    Introduction to Data Analytics

    Managerial decision making
    and the role of data analytics in it.

    Exploratory data analysis.

    Using summary tables and
    visual displays to profile sample data.

    Introduction to python.




    Python pandas.

    Python Numpy.

    Data visualization with Matplotlib,

    Exploratory Data Analysis.

    Machine learning.

    Model building
    (Linear Regression and AMP; Decision tree).

    Data visualization.

    Model deployment.


There are no such restrictions or prerequisites to join our Data Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making Course.

Who Should Attend?

This data analytics for managerial decision making course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

Professionals in Finance Sectors.

Accounting professionals.

Course Fees

The course fees for Data Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making is INR- 7500+GST

Upcoming Course Schedule

Next Batch for the Training would be held from

14th August to 28th August’2020

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Our trainers are Professional Data Analytics Trainers with several years of experience.

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All the training sessions are LIVE Online Streaming using LIVE meeting Software, thus promoting one-on-one Trainer Student Interaction.

This data analytics for managerial decision making course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

    Professionals in Finance Sectors.
    Accounting professionals.

There is no pre-work required for this course.