This course is designed to understand the Design Principles of creating a Wow Presentation. Participants will get an opportunity to create their own Presentation with sample projects and work with the trainer to identify the best ways to enhance and convert a boring presentation into a Wow Presentation.

Workshop Objective:

  • Common mistakes in using and creating PowerPoint slides
  • Apply visual elements and design rules to display slides in an impactful manner
  • Best practices in creating Presentation

Who can attend?

Anyone who want to improve their presentation skills and make it more impactful. Corporate, executives, trainers, HR executives, Team leaders, supervisors etc

What is covered?

Understanding Design Principles

  • What’s the purpose of the Power point slides
  • Importance of design
  • Applying the principles to PowerPoint

Preparing Slides with the same Principles

  • Creating simple yet insightful excel charts
  • Best practices of PowerPoint design
  • Getting maximum information of the Presentation

Presentation Techniques

  • Importance and understanding Body Language
  • Different Presentation Methods
  • Creating and Delivering a Wow Presentation

Participants will have to create a small presentation not more than 5 mins and present it to Live audience.

Why Delphi?

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