Data Analytics for Accounting & Finance Professionals.

Date: Monday, April 13, 2020

Time: 10:15 AM (IST) | 8:45 AM (GST)

Duration: 3 hours

About the Webinar

Data analytics can be used to better understand the financials and create more accurate forecasts and comparisons, thus helping the accountants increase efficiency and better manage risks.
In the webinar we’ll be talking about –

    Data and its types
    Data Analytics and its types
    Analytics in Finetech and Application of analytics in Accounting sector
    Overview of Exploratory Data Analysis
    Technology supports and tools
    Discussions of used cases in Accounting or finance sectors
    Data visualisation and tools

We will be also having a Q&A session at the end with the experts, So feel free to prepare your questions in advance.


Ms. Munmun Ghoshal
Data Scientist and Trainer for last 9 years
M.Tech.(VLSI) and B.E.(Electronics)

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