“Get our Institute’s leading classroom training experience wherever you access the Internet.”

Delphi’s Online Live Training gives you an efficient and Tested Online Learning Option with an extensive Learning Catalog and the exemption to attend from Virtually Anywhere. Our Online Live Training Sessions effectively and smoothly delivers the Instructor Led Training Learning Experience directly to Students at anywhere, the Student wants to take the class like at their Home or at Workplace. Just like our Physical Classrooms, Students attending Training through Online Live have a Real Time, Live Instructor Led Student Experience. The Live Instructor teaches the Course and provides the opportunity for Students to ask Live Questions via Voice or Instant Message (IM) Questions during the Live Training Event.

Online Live provides a Rich, Engaging, Live Classroom Environment that allows Students to easily interact with Instructors and Fellow Students In-Person and Virtually.

It’s the ideal way to get the benefits of a Physical Class without the time and expense involved in traveling to a Class Location.

Benefits of Online Live Training

  • Less Amount of Money with affordable Class Pricing.
  • Time Management it saves a lot of time. The class comes to you!
  • Learn more in a place where you’re comfortable and can Avoid Distractions.
  • No Setup required, just access to High-Speed Internet.
  • Learning that engages you with Real-Time interaction with Instructors and Peers.
  • Choose what you need to learn from a wide range of Classes.
  • No Travelling Expenses you just need the Internet Access.