Individual Training Solutions

The job market is getting tougher every day, but new specializations are coming up as well. To distinguish yourself from the others, develop your skills, or to learn something new, get a professional certification and increase your value in your chosen field.

Classroom Training

Nothing helps you learn faster than an environment conducive to studying. When you enroll in one of our classroom training sessions, this is exactly what you get. We offer classroom training on all the courses we offer. Contact us to know which batches are ready for commencement, or take a look through the courses we offer to find one suitable for you. You may also contact out career counselor for professional guidance.

Online Training

Being short of time is just another aspect of life for a busy professional. So we have Live Virtual classes for some of our courses. You save time by not traveling, which you can put to other productive usage. Contact us to know which courses have Live Virtual Training available.

Why train with Delphi?

We have the trainers with the most experience in the fields they represent. We provide a cost effective solution compared to our competitors.
During our training, we have a window to address all the queries that may arise. We conduct a revision session if required, which improves the chance of clearing the certification.

Why Get Certifed?

Distinguish yourself from your competition through certification.

Develop your existing skills and proclaim your extra proficiency.
Get faster career development and personal growth that comes with it. Add value to your existing or prospective employer’s organization.

Our students have this to say

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"The instructor’s knowledge was thorough, and I particularly like the personal attention towards each one in the batch. The material was simplified enough that even with a basic grasp of accounting, you soon start using the more advanced techniques. Overall, I am very satisfied with the training provided and the staffs of Delphi Star Training."

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