According to multiple studies, people said strategic thinking was the leadership quality that correlated best with perceptions of “success” and “effectiveness” in the workplace. Employees respect and value leaders who are mindful of the future and always seem prepared for it”. Strategic thinking training provides a clear approach for leaders seeking to improve the way they plan for change.
As technology drives a greater rate of change, businesses are crying out for leaders with strong strategic thinking capabilities. How prepared are your leaders for the future?

Why Strategic thinking?

In today’s business landscape with the rise of AI and automation, the greatest protection an individual or a company can have is the ability to adapt quickly. This means leaders must be trained to think strategically.

Our Strategic Thinking course is designed to give you or your people the ability to become agile thinkers. This important soft skill will set you apart, ensuring continued business and personal growth in an ever-changing world.

What is covered?

  • Understand what it means to be a strategic thinker
  • Understanding of your behavioral style and how understanding this is the key to strategic thinking.
  • How to use emotional intelligence to build a strategic and collaborative working environment.
  • Using creativity as a strategic thinking tool
  • The ability to create strategic plans which have been fully scoped for new projects.
  • An understanding of how to embed strategic thinking into micro and macro cultures.

Why Delphi?

We believe that learning – especially for adults -should be relevant and engaging. Our content is immediately useful and use current, real-world examples. It doesn’t matter if you have an MBA or left school at year 9 – our courses are accessible and useful to people from all walks of life and education.