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CPAs = Black Belt Accountants

CPA, or certified accountants, are finance professionals who have achieved expertise beyond a “normal” accountant does. This is done through advanced education, training, experience and hard work.

If you are an accountant who aspire to become partners in the accounting firm or move up the corporate ladder, then CPA is the best way to achieve it.

CPAs Are Needed Everywhere.

Corporations, non-profit organizations and governments in every industry around the world look for CPAs to fill in their senior finance positions.
Additionally, if you are up for a raise against someone with equal background, work ethic, experience, but you have your CPA License, the promotion will most likely go to you. Firms invest thousands of dollars into helping you take and pass the CPA Exam because they highly value this designation.

CPAs Are Indispensable.

After the financial crisis, corporate accountability has become the number one concern for companies and their shareholders. Senior management relies on Certified Public Accountants for financial health and integrity of the corporations.

CPAs Are in Demand.

As a result of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, workload in the accounting department of every corporation has vastly increased, leading to a shortage of accounting experts in a global scale. At the same time, 75% of current CPAs will retire in 15 years, based on a study by the AICPA. This creates a golden opportunity for you to jump into this important industry.

CPAs Are Paid Better.

A study by global recruiting agency Robert Half points out that CPA on average earns 10% better than non-CPA. Also, CPAs with 5+ years’ experience are paid $80-110K in public accounting firms.

Travel Opportunities

As globalization is on the rise, accountants and auditors who can embrace globalization and understand International Financial Reporting Standards will be needed all over the world. If you enjoy traveling, or would like to even spend your time living in another country for a year or two, becoming a CPA is the way to go. You won’t only get the opportunity to explore the world, but you’ll receive tons of great experience doing it which will only help your career.

We hope you found this hopeful and that we gave you another nudge in the right direction: that of CPA licensure. Not many jobs come with these amazing benefits, so make sure the CPA Exam is on your radar!

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