Are you looking for a way to gain access to better job opportunities? Do you want to climb up the corporate ladder in your Accounting job? It is a well-known fact, that to advance your career in the fields of Accounting and Finance, professional certifications are the way to go. Degrees, diplomas, and professional qualifications can help impress potential employers not just in your country but also internationally and can provide a multitude of opportunities for you!

About CMA Certification

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA US) qualification is a widely recognized qualification in the field of Accounting and is widely recognized by employers all over the world. This is because by the time candidates complete their CMA US curriculum training, they are experts at managing financial statements and the day-to-day running of the accounting function of a business. This means that CMA-certified professionals develop their skills in cost management, planning and budgeting, and many other core accounting functions. Along with this, they also develop skills in finance that help them manage risks and make strategic decisions based on a cost-benefit analysis.
However, these are not all the benefits offered by the CMA qualification. We have discussed some of the other benefits of CMA certification below:

CMA Certification Benefits

  • Global Recognition: The CMA qualification is globally recognized in more than 100 countries and is valuable in both local and international job markets because it demonstrates expertise in financial planning, analysis, and professional ethics. This gets CMAs respected worldwide and provides more opportunities for growth as they are skilled enough to work in any country.
  • Skill Development: The rigorous CMA certification exam and continuing education requirements ensure that CMA-certified professionals possess up-to-date knowledge and skills in management accounting, financial planning, analysis, and strategic decision-making. To learn more about the CMA certification, read our blog on “CMA USA: Eligibility, Course Details, Benefits, and Scope”.
  • Increased Earning Potential: CMAs often command higher salaries than non-certified peers. Studies conducted worldwide show that CMA-certified professionals earn almost 64% more than non-CMA-certified individuals. The certification validates advanced skills and knowledge, leading to potentially better-paying job offers and career advancement opportunities.
  • Networking Opportunities: CMAs become part of a global network of professionals through membership in professional organizations like the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). Additionally, enrolling in a CMA certification course along with an IMA membership provides access to valuable networking, educational, and career resources and helps candidates build valuable alliances for future growth.
  • Enhanced Career Opportunities: CMAs are sought after for their expertise in financial management, making them valuable assets to organizations, which can lead to job security and opportunities for career advancement. The CMA certification can open doors to many career opportunities, including roles in financial analysis and much more. As professionals in a quickly changing environment, the different job opportunities available after the IMA CMA certification are a very important aspect of your professional life. This is why we have discussed below the different CMA certification jobs that you can take advantage of.

CMA Designation Job Opportunities

  • Financial Analyst or Risk Manager: CMAs often excel in financial analysis roles, where they analyze financial data, prepare reports, and provide insights to aid in decision-making. The average salary of a financial analyst is $83,660. With their strong analytical skills, CMAs can also venture into risk management roles, identifying and mitigating financial risks for companies with an average salary of $102,325. These positions are best suited for entry-level candidates who are ready to put into practice the knowledge gained through the CMA certification exam.
  • Cost Accountant/Manager: CMAs possess expertise in cost accounting, making them suitable for roles involving cost analysis, cost control, and managerial accounting within organizations. This involves finding ways to minimize costs thereby maximizing profits for the firm. This is best suited for mid-career professionals who have a few years of experience under their belt along with the CMA qualification.
  • Management Accountant: These professionals play a key role in managerial decision-making by providing financial information and analysis to support strategic planning and control. They do this by identifying and predicting past and future trends and ensuring their organization has the required resources to meet future goals through planning and budgeting.
  • Controller: CMAs can pursue roles as financial controllers, overseeing accounting departments, financial reporting, compliance, and internal controls within a company. The average salary for this position is $147,000, however, this position is best suited for senior-level professionals with multiple years of experience.
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): A CMA certification combined with extensive experience may lead to executive-level positions like CFO, who is responsible for an organization’s overall financial strategy and direction.
  • Academia and Education: Some CMA-certified professionals may also choose to share their knowledge by pursuing teaching, research, or educational roles in universities, colleges, or training institutions.
    However, studying for the CMA certification course while working can be a challenge. Read our blog on “Tips as to how to study for the CMA-US, exam while working full time” to find out more about the same.

Why Choose Delphi?

As you can see from all the data and information given above, the CMA certification can be an incredibly powerful tool to have when attempting to advance your career. However, preparing for the CMA certification exam requires you to have expert trainers and high-quality learning materials. Delphi Star Training Institute is one of the best CMA training institutes in Dubai with a record student pass rate of 90% in the CMA certification exams.
Our expert international trainers have more than 22 years of experience in risk management and accounting and are always ready to support and motivate you! Our learning materials include recordings of live classroom sessions, thousands of practice quizzes and essay questions as well as timed mock exams. All these CMA certification training resources are available online 24×7 through our excellent Learning Management System (LMS) which helps you track your progress and preparation for the exam day.
Enroll in Delphi’s CMA certification online course today to pass the CMA certification exam, take advantage of CMA-certified jobs all over the world, and advance your career!

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