Would you like to build a strong and stable career in Cyber Security? Are you wondering which is the best qualification to help you achieve this? Do you wish to be paid better for your Cyber Security job position?

The CISSP qualification has the answer to all these questions. The CISSP certification or Certified Information Systems Security Professional is one of the most prestigious certifications in the cyber security industry. This qualification is issued by ISC2 to those professionals who have demonstrated excellent knowledge and experience in network and system security and architecture among other topics.

This credential is accepted worldwide in almost 175 countries and is demanded by employers all over the world. Read on to discover the advantages of the CISSP certification.

Why is the CISSP certification Important?

What exactly are the benefits of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional issued by the ISC2? Below we have discussed how the CISSP certification helps professionals along with its benefits to CISSP qualification holders.

It provides a Broad Base of Knowledge

The CISSP course outline involves modules on important topics in cyber security such as system architecture as well as software and network security. It also covers topics such as communication and security testing among others all of which are important aspects of the Cyber Security field.

Through this, candidates can understand how different systems within an organization interact with each other and how their systems and software interact with the overall organizational system. They also study the potential security risks that may question the integrity of these systems.
Once candidates gain the certification, they also need to maintain the Continuing Professional Education requirements which ensures that they remain up to date on the latest trends and practices in the Cyber Security industry.

All these factors contribute to the broad base of knowledge that the CISSP certification provides to candidates. Therefore, it is no wonder that the CISSP course outline meets the standards of many government bodies such as Australia’s IRAP and US DoD IAM Levels 2 and 3.

Increases your earning potential.

With the wide number of skills that CISSP certification holders possess, it is not a surprise that they are offered equally high salaries. The average salary for CISSP Certified Cyber Security professionals in the US is $125,470 per annum and some of the job positions available to CISSP certification holders include Chief Information Officer, Security Architect, Cyber Security Analyst, etc.

Since the CISSP qualification is globally recognized in 175 countries, cyber security professionals may also apply for foreign job opportunities or collaborate with professionals from foreign countries.
The higher salaries and variety of job positions available for CISSP qualification holders coupled with the fact that the CISSP certification is highly demanded in foreign countries, especially in the US makes this certification an excellent choice for cyber security professionals that wish to increase their earning potential and grow their career prospects.

Research shows that the demand for CISSP-certified professionals from employers is much higher than the number of qualified professionals available in the market. This means that professionals armed with these qualifications and the skills that result because of them have many opportunities available to them in multiple countries.

Increases your Reputation and Prestige.

Gaining the CISSP certification does not just set you apart from your peers, but it also demonstrates to your employers and colleagues the high level of knowledge and understanding that you possess of the Cyber Security field.

The CISSP certification equips candidates with both technical knowledge of Cyber Security concepts as well as managerial tools on how to effectively manage and monitor these systems. These skills along with the strong ethical conduct requirements ensure that CISSP qualification holders are highly respected among their peers.
In addition to upskilling yourself and gaining the latest knowledge and practices in the cyber security field, the CISSP requirements also include a minimum of 5 years of work experience in 2 of the 8 domains listed by the ISC2. This means that CISSP qualification holders have both the knowledge and the experience requirements to take on managerial roles and therefore are held in high regard by professionals at all levels.

Additionally, this qualification is also recognized by many governments as the standard for their program entry requirements such as the IRAP in Australia, etc., and therefore adds to the prestige of this credential.

Networking Opportunities

Preparing for the CISSP exam also involves gaining membership in the ISC2. This provides many opportunities for candidates to build work alliances with other members and collaborate on future projects with them.
In addition to this, the webinars and other events held by ISC2 for Continuing Professional Education provide additional opportunities for candidates to develop their network and maintain business relations with other members.

Why Delphi Star Training?

As discussed above, the benefits of pursuing the CISSP certification are limitless and can provide endless career opportunities for those in the cybersecurity field.

To pass the CISSP exam, candidates, especially working cyber security professionals will have to put in the time, and effort and ensure that they have the right guidance while preparing for the CISSP exam.

This is where Delphi Star Training Centre comes in! With our expert instructors who have years of experience and the highest quality learning materials, we can help you obtain this professional achievement. Our flexible training hours and online learning system are perfect for working professionals. Additionally, we also provide self-learning packages and placement assistance to help candidates achieve their career goals. Enroll in our online CISSP training course to get started on your qualification and explore the endless opportunities offered by the CISSP qualification in the field of Cyber Security.

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