Globalization and technology together have combined to create an environment that is constantly being affected by different market conditions, trends, economic conditions, and much more. In such an environment laws and regulations keep changing for businesses all around the world. But this environment provides a range of opportunities for Internal Audit. If you’re interested in building a strong and stable Internal Audit profession and are confused about how to get there, read this blog to find the best way to accomplish this.

What is Internal Audit?

Internal Audit refers to the process by which professionals study the internal workings of a company to ensure they meet the legal compliance requirements of the country they carry out business with or in. This is an incredibly important job for an organization since failure to comply with rules could lead to negative impacts such as lawsuits, fines, business suspension, etc. The role of internal auditors is to find lapses within the organization and correct these mistakes before they are discovered by outsiders such as shareholders, government officials, and external auditors. Since their role is so important and the entire future of a company can rest on the shoulders of an Internal Auditor, gaining expert skills and experience is key to building a solid career in Internal Auditing. The best way to do this is with the help of Internal Audit certification courses.

Best Internal Audit Certifications

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification

The Certified Internal Audit certification is considered the best certification in the Internal Audit landscape and is the best choice for building your career as a Master Internal Auditor. This credential is issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).
As mentioned above, a Certified Internal Auditor plays a very important role in an organization. They help ensure accurate financial reporting and put into place controls to ensure compliance with laws and reduce the chances of fraud. To find out more about this certification and the role of an Internal Auditor, read our blog on “CERTIFIED INTERNAL AUDITOR (CIA) – Globally Recognized Internal Audit Certification Course”. To gain these vast skills, candidates must go through a comprehensive curriculum focused on developing Internal Audit skills and knowledge which we have discussed below.

Certified Internal Auditor syllabus and course details

The Certified Internal Auditor Syllabus covers a variety of important topics that all Internal Auditors must know. These include the necessary understanding of the workings of a business as well as the Information Technology systems used. This forms the base that all Internal Auditors need to know to identify different risk areas. In addition to this, the course also covers the professional ethics and due diligence with which all Internal Auditors must operate. This internal audit certification also introduces candidates to important laws like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as the controls that can be put into place to prevent fraud among other important topics.
To find out more regarding the Certified Internal Audit certification fees, exam format, and other details about the syllabus, visit our website.

How to Become a Certified Internal Auditor?

The process of becoming a CIA Qualification holder is easy. Candidates must register with their local IIA body and schedule their exams. Once you have studied for and passed your Certified Internal Audit certification exam, you can apply for the CIA Qualification. However, to do this, candidates must meet the Certified Internal Auditor eligibility requirements. They must hold a master’s degree and have 1 year of Internal Auditing experience or meet the alternative eligibility requirements. To know more about this, visit our website.


The Certified Internal Audit qualification provides several advantages to the certificate holder. With the large scope of knowledge and experience that CIA Certification holders possess, it is only natural that they are highly regarded and respected by their peers and colleagues. In addition to this, participating in Certified Internal Audit certification training programs also helps candidates build their professional networks and alliances. This is an incredibly important advantage for those who want to gain more experience and exposure to Internal Auditing in different industries.

Additionally, candidates also gain access to higher salaries and better job opportunities due to their high level of educational achievements. But perhaps the most important advantage that this internal audit certification provides is its high level of satisfaction. Playing the role of a professional that helps businesses avoid large disasters and take corrective action in time to prevent legal ramifications can create a feeling of fulfillment and job satisfaction among Internal Audit professionals. To know more about the advantages of the CIA Qualification and how it can benefit you, read our blog on “5 reasons you should become a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

Why Delphi?

At Delphi Star Training Institute, we understand the commitment needed to obtain a professional qualification like the Certified Internal Audit Certification.

That is why we provide scores of mock exams, practice quizzes, and learning materials to prepare you in the best way possible for the Certified Internal Audit certification exam. In addition to this, our experienced and professional trainers also provide flexible live classes and recorded classes to increase classroom interactions and help you manage your different responsibilities. Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides 24×7 access to learning materials and is a great asset according to our students. It also provides you with 24×7 support by allowing you to discuss doubts with trainers even after class.

Our services at Delphi Star Training Center can greatly benefit you by providing you with all the necessary support to pursue your dream career. Join our Certified Internal Audit certification training in Dubai today and take advantage of the vast opportunities in the Internal Audit field.

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