What is a CPA course?

A Certified Public Accountant is a highly skilled and respected individual who has expertise in the field of Accounting and Finance. They are licensed by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and help businesses across all industries in a variety of fields such as accurate financial reporting, filing of taxes, forensic accounting, etc. To become a CPA, one must first meet the CPA eligibility requirements which include a bachelor’s degree of at least 150 hours of coursework. In case candidates have a degree that does not major in accounting or related fields, a minimum number of course credits in accounting needs to be completed to meet the CPA certification requirements. Gaining a master’s degree can increase a candidate’s chance of passing the CPA exam. Once you pass the exam, CPA candidates must also meet minimum work experience requirements to obtain the license. However, obtaining the CPA certificate is well worth the effort. Below we have discussed the reasons why a Certified Public Accountant is a good career.

Why CPA is a good career?


Competitive Financial and Accounting skills

Preparing for the CPA USA exam requires candidates to have a high degree of understanding of 4 topics: Auditing and Attestation, Business Environment, Financial Accounting and Reporting as well as Regulations within the Accounting field. As a result, CPA course candidates become extra knowledgeable and competent compared to normal accountants. They develop a better idea of the need for regulations on financial reporting and the relationship between ethical auditing practices and the workings of a business. CPA license holders are also required to complete 120 hours of professional education every 3 years to maintain their license which ensures that they are up to date on current industry practices and trends. Consequently, CPA designation holders do not find it difficult to find opportunities in non-profits, private companies, or government agencies and work in a variety of organizations due to the wide scope of their skills.

Higher salary and career development opportunities

Since CPA certificate holders come with a range of skills that are beneficial to any business or organization, they can demand a higher salary than normal accountants. According to the AICPA, CPA holders earn 10 – 15% more than non-CPA license holders. They also have a variety of opportunities within the accounting fields open to them, some of which include, tax accounting, internal and external auditing, and various others explained in our Career Opportunities after CPA blog. Additionally, CPA holders also have the choice to work as consultants for an organization or become entrepreneurs and set up their own business that services other clients. As globalization continues to advance, certifications like the CPA that are revered all around the world will provide many international job prospects to CPA license holders. These also provide opportunities to travel around the world and work in different countries and environments which further helps their career advancement and provides a better work-life balance.

Prestige and Reputation

Achieving the CPA designation requires hours of practical training, work experience requirements, and an expert-level understanding of different accounting concepts and practices. This is why CPAs are considered black belts in financial management and leaders in accounting. CPA-certified professionals exemplify how businesses should be operated ethically and fairly. Along with increasing their knowledge of various accounting topics, this course also involves constantly testing the ethical judgment of CPA candidates in different situations to pass the exam. Therefore, it is not a surprise that they are highly regarded by their peers and colleagues and are considered highly trusted and knowledgeable advisors. All these factors lead CPAs to be treated with respect and have a good reputation among other accounting professionals.

Job Satisfaction

CPAs have a long list of skills and specializations because of their high level of education and work experience. Due to this, they can work in a wide variety of fields and are multi-talented. The CPA designation also increases the self-confidence and self-esteem of CPA certificate holders and helps them perform better as leaders and problem solvers. They ensure that companies operate fairly and in an ethical manner and support them in building a well-regulated and healthy economy. Furthermore, they contribute to many social issues such as climate change through accounting practices in the field of climate accounting and in other ways as well. All these factors lead to immense job satisfaction and a sense of purpose for CPA certificate holders.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin. This quote perfectly describes our CPA USA course. As discussed above, the CPA designation has several career opportunities and benefits that make it a good investment. Accounts and Finance professionals looking to upgrade their skills and become specialists in the accounting field must seriously consider becoming CPA certified. Register now with Delphi Star Training Institute and join our CPA USA course to become a Black Belt-level accountant!