ITIL Foundation Course

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, popularly known as ITIL Certification is a framework based on Industry best practices to apply IT Service Management Business Processes to IT Management.
Management of IT Services is all about long-term oversight. It’s critical for firms that want to deliver products successfully to plan out and oversee each stage of a service’s life-cycle. ITIL Foundation training gives students a knowledge base for each Service Area as they help their firms plan out projects from beginning to end.

For Network Administrators and other IT Professionals, being able to implement ITIL Certification could lead to more central and valued roles within their current Organizations. The way to gain those skills may be through ITIL course in Dubai.

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What is ITIL Foundation Certification?

The Foundation Level of ITIL Certification Dubai is the Entry Level Qualification which offers you a universal awareness of the Key Fundamentals, Theories, and Terminology used in the ITIL service life-cycle, including the links between life-cycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to Service Management Practices. After passing the ITIL Foundation Training and Examination, you can expect to gain a general overview and basic understanding of ITIL Certification.
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Upcoming ITIL Certification Dubai

Training Type Start Date
Blended – Classroom + Online (Suspended due to COVID-19) NA

Live Instructor-Led Online 31 Jul 2020

What will I learn?

Candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following upon successful completion of the Education and Examination components related to ITIL Certification.

    Service Management as a Practice

    The ITIL Service Life-cycle

    Generic Concepts and Definitions

    Key Principles and Models

    Selected Processes

    Selected Functions

    Selected Roles

    Technology and Architecture

    Competence and Training

Target Audience for ITIL Certification

The target group of the ITIL Foundation Certification course in IT Service Management is drawn from:

    Individuals who wish to acquire a basic understanding of the ITIL Framework.

    Professionals who want to learn ITIL Implementation to enhance the quality of IT Service Management within an Organization.

    IT Professionals from Organizations which have adopted to ITIL Guidelines.

This may include but is not limited to, IT Professionals, Business Managers and Business Process Owners

Career benefits of ITIL Foundation Certification

    Elevate your Professional Standards by earning an ITIL Certification online.

    Have an edge over your peers and un-certified counterparts with your experience in ITIL Methodology.

    Improve your Efficiency and Effectiveness at work as you learn how to implement ITIL Tools and its Techniques.

    Get recognized for your expertise by your Peers both inside and outside the Organization.

    Learn a Common Language for ITSM which helps in having better Communication across the Hierarchy.

    Implement innovative concepts from the ITIL framework and use those best practices to Streamline Customer Desired Conclusions.

    Increase your contribution to ITSM in your Organization by: Automating Standard Tasks; Identifying Alignment Opportunities of IT Services with the Business; Cost Optimization; taking a Customer-Centric approach to ITSM; and More.

Course Curriculum

Three Days ITIL Foundation Classroom ITILI Certification Training Program


1. Service Management Defined

    IT Services and what they really do?

    How IT services deliver value to customers?

    Value and Importance of IT Service Management.


2. ITIL Introduction

    Good Practices

    Ease ITIL Adoption

    ITIL Qualification Scheme, Bodies, and Certifications

3.Service Strategy

    Design, Develop, and Implement Service Management

    Service Management as a Strategic Asset

    Setting Objectives and Expectations

    Identify and select Prioritization Opportunities


4. Service Design

    Design and Develop Services

    Develop Processes

    Design Principles and Methods

    Convert Strategy into Services

5. Service Transition

    Develop and Improve Capabilities

    Improved methods for transitioning new and changed Services to Operation

    Manage the complexity related to Changes

    Prevent undesired results while enabling Innovation

6. Service Operation

    Effectively and Efficiently deliver Support Services

    Ensure value to Customer and Service Provider

    Maintain Stability while allowing for Change

    Organize to improve IT Support to Customers


7. Continual Service Improvement

    Create and Maintain value for Customers

    Importance of Better Design, Introduction, and Operation of Services

    Improving Service Quality, Business Continuity, and IT Efficiency

    Link Improvement efforts to Strategy, Design, and Transition

8. Exam-Taking Tips and Review

    Important Techniques to help you pass your Exam

ITIL Certification Online Course Highlights

Online and Classroom Training
Learn from ITIL Certification Industry Experts and Prepare yourself for ITIL certification. 
Best ITIL Study Material
Hard Copy and Soft Copy of Study Notes 
Online ITIL Courses Materials
Topic Wise study material in the form of Presentation, Case Studies, Practical Exercises and Quiz or Assignments with detailed answers and explanation. 
24×7 Online ITIL Course Forum
Doubt solving forum to interact with faculty & fellow students. 
Assignments & Cases
Work on real time cases from different Domains. 
24×7 Online Access
24×7 Access to Course Material (Unlocked Excel Models, Presentations, etc)

Free support till passing the Examination.

Pre-Requisites of ITIL Certification Online:

Familiarity with IT Terminology and IT-related Work Experience are recommended.


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ITIL certification training is a framework for service management. ITIL is a public framework that describes best practices in IT service management. It focuses on the continual measurement and improvement of the quality of IT service delivered, from both a business and a customer perspective. This focus is a major factor in ITIL’s worldwide success and has contributed to its prolific usage and to the key benefits obtained by those organizations deploying the techniques and processes throughout their organizations.

If you are enrolled in ITIL Certification classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reasons, it can be attained within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request

Delphi promises success in your ITIL Certification.

ITIL Online Course classes are conducted via live training software through our own Learning Portal.

The averages pass percentage of ITIL Online Course students at Delphi are approximately 75% to 85% for serious students.

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