Managing difficult conversation training

Whether you’re delivering bad news, giving a negative performance evaluation, challenging a colleague or client, objecting to additional workload, presenting options in the midst of a crisis, or simply letting people know that the direction on a certain project is changing —- communicating difficult subject matter can be an emotionally charged event. Understandably, many people would do anything to avoid that situation.

Yet Managing difficult conversation in the workplace or mishandling them can result in many negative consequences. This one-day Managing difficult conversation Course in Dubai is designed to help you approach for Managing difficult conversation with confidence, and handle them skillfully so that feelings are spared and the organization’s best interests are kept front and center.

All managers, team leaders, business owners, and employees need to conduct managing difficult conversation training at some time or another. Although Managing difficult conversation classes cannot be avoided, they can be successfully managed to achieve the most positive outcomes.

Understanding, empathy, and professional skill development are necessary qualities that help to keep you in control of difficult conversations before, during and after them; so that you can achieve the desired outcomes. Having a good understanding of your own personality type, as well as knowing how to best interact with other personality types, is a specific skill taught in the Managing difficult conversation training.
This highly valuable and engaging course empowers professionals to handle difficult conversations with ease to achieve professional success and improve interactions amongst staff.

The Managing Difficult Conversations course by Delphi Star Training is now available throughout DUBAI, SAUDI ARABIA, BAHRAIN, TANZANIA, KENYA, OMAN, UGANDA, QATAR, INDIA, and also via instructor-led online training.

After completing Managing difficult conversation classes, participants will have learned to:

    Predict the results of a conversation
    Establish the intent of a conversation
    Identify the desired outcome
    Manage their body language
    Speak persuasively
    Listen actively
    Use probing techniques
    Ask the right questions at the right time
    Establish the purpose of a difficult conversation
    Create a conversation template
    eate a personalized action plan
    Use communication skills to influence and control
    Maintain safety in a conversation
    Choose an appropriate place for a conversation
    Understand and analyze the other person
    Stay in control of the conversation throughout

Managing difficult conversation Course in Dubai: What is covered?

    Move from an adversarial to a collaborative approach in conflict resolution
    Initiate and conduct skilled conversations leading to behavioral change
    Understand and manage their reactive emotions during on-job encounters
    Identify and alter unproductive conversational habits from reaction to response
    Use calming communication skills to bring upset people to the point of reason
    Use persuasion and negotiating skills effectively
    Develop positive language patterns
    Conduct and survive difficult problem-solving discussions
    Manage the dynamics of effective problem-solving, one-on-one interviews