Graphic Design has been one of the highly demanded skills in the current work environment. But what exactly is Graphic Design and how do you build a career in this field? These are some of the questions we address in this blog.

About Graphic Design

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – Fred Barnard. This saying perfectly captures the meaning of Graphic Design. Graphic Design refers to the process of communication of information and ideas through visual means. These could be through pictures, videos, infographics, and many others. Statistics show that within 3 days, individuals can recall 65% of visual information they have seen but only 10% of written content. This is very important for almost all types of businesses since brand and product awareness are integral to sales and therefore to the success of an organization. Although written content has its place, the benefits of Graphic Design and its role in a company’s success are fast becoming apparent.

Further reports show that the graphic design market in 2021 was worth $46 billion and that the demand for graphic design professionals is expected to grow by 3% by 2031. There are a variety of graphic design jobs available including Creative Director, User Interface Designer, etc. But how do you take advantage of these opportunities? How do you get a job in Graphic Design?Gaining the right skills and understanding the different types of graphic design and which ones you are most interested in pursuing a career in are the most important steps, to begin with. Below we have discussed the different types of Graphic Design to get you started on your journey! Read on to find out more about this process.

Different types of Graphic Design

Brand Design

This is one of the most important types of Graphic Design. Brand Design refers to the creation of logos, color palettes, shapes, fonts, etc. that help to identify a brand to customers. Graphic Design professionals must ensure that their graphics portray the right personality and messages through their creations since these graphics will be used uniformly across all brand materials of a company.

Marketing and Packaging Design

Just as the name suggests, marketing design refers to the use of Graphic Design to develop marketing materials and visual elements that will be used in emails, posters, flyers, advertisements, etc.
Another form of Graphic Design that can help in Marketing is Packaging Design. Almost all businesses have some product or service that they sell to consumers. Packaging design is a type of Graphic Design that focuses on creatively packaging products with the help of colors, designs, etc. to appeal to different audiences. Based on different target audiences, the chosen packaging may be minimalistic or highly colorful to grab the attention of certain groups of customers and to stand out from other competitors.

Publication Design

This form of Graphic Design is especially suited for publishing written content such as articles in newspapers, books, brochures, etc. Publication Design focuses on the best fonts for graphic design that make your content stand out while also ensuring that the content is readable and flows easily while passing on the relevant information. Graphic Design professionals also need to work on the best layout to pass on this information in the most visually aesthetic manner to gather attention.

Motion Graphic Design

Motion Graphic Design is a form of Graphic Design that involves creating videos, animations, and other moving graphics. They include special effects, moving elements, etc. that can be used to create awareness or communicate some information. Joining a graphic design course and gaining a certificate in graphic design is the best way to gain these graphic design hard skills.

Illustration Design

This type of Graphic Design focuses on creating illustrations, animations, etc. that are developed by drawing or combining different elements to create a design. These include creating original graphic design artworks that tell a story through them. While some Graphic Design professionals choose to create these illustrations with the help of professional tools such as Adobe, others might choose to start with a pencil.

Graphic Design Tools/Skills

There are several Graphic Design tools and apps in the market that claim to help you produce the best graphics to meet your needs. Choosing the best graphic design software and tools to create your graphics is essential to ensure the success of your campaign.

Among some of the best tools are Adobe Illustrator which is the best for creating logos, illustrations, and videos for graphic design. Adobe Photoshop is the best for editing photos and images, while Adobe InDesign is the best for creating the layout, fonts, etc. used while publishing magazines, newspapers, etc.

How to get a job in Graphic design?

The process of getting a job in Graphic Design is similar to that in any other industry. One must first get a professional qualification or a degree in graphic design and develop their skills. This is done best through graphic design online courses. Once this has been accomplished, you can then work on gaining internship experience through entry-level graphic design jobs such as graphic design internships. Once you have built your portfolio, you can then start applying for graphic design jobs such as those mentioned above.

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