Are you an accounting student that wishes to complete your CPA qualification within 6 months? Our blog discusses the important steps to achieve this goal that candidates must keep in mind while preparing for the CPA degree. But first, what is a CPA?

About CPA Course

The CPA or Certified Public Accountant is an expert professional in the field of Finance and Accounting. They are knowledgeable about many aspects of accounting such as the accurate filing of taxes, financial reporting through financial statements, etc. Due to the high levels of knowledge and skills that they receive during their training, CPA qualification holders often receive higher salaries than non-CPA holders. Some of the other benefits of gaining the CPA qualification are that senior managers often respect and give them more responsibility and career development opportunities. To know more about the benefits of the CPA certificate, read our blog on why become a CPA and the career opportunities after CPA. As a result of all the above, the CPA qualification can be an incredibly enticing qualification to possess. However, the path to gaining the certification can be tricky and requires time and effort.

CPA Course details

The CPA exam consists of 4 modules with differing exam formats, however, all last for a duration of 4 hours. For CPA exam eligibility, candidates must have completed 4 years of their bachelor’s degree or meet alternative CPA eligibility requirements. To know more about this, visit our website.

To pass the CPA exam, candidates will have to spend time and effort. Read our blog on how to pass the CPA exam in the first attempt to know more about this topic. However certain tips can help you complete this certificate in 6 months and make your study process a little easier. Below, we have discussed some important points that students must remember and observe to pass the CPA exam in 6 months.

How to pass the CPA in 6 months:

Choose a reputable CPA course provider

Choosing a study guide or CPA review course that covers all the important CPA topics accurately and thoroughly is very important. Without the right study materials, candidates may find themselves spending a lot of time while accomplishing very little. If you aim to gain your CPA certificate within 6 months, making the most effective use of your time is very important. In addition to this, creating an environment that helps you focus and study is also very important. Set aside a quiet place for you to concentrate and study. Joining study groups and communities can also help provide a supportive study environment. Delphi provides a comprehensive online CPA course with important questions, mock exams, and in-depth videos that help students in this.

Use flashcards to study

Another excellent way to prepare for the CPA certification is with the help of flashcards. These help you assess yourself by making you recall small snippets of information. They question you on important theories that might be asked on the exam. Students have the choice of using flashcards available online or making some on their own, whichever suits their needs.

Create a timetable or plan

This is perhaps the most important step in preparing for the CPA credential. An average student takes around 9 -14 months to prepare for and take the CPA exam. To be able to complete the exam in just 6 months, candidates will have to put in a lot more time and dedication towards studying. However, approaching this without a plan in place is a big mistake. Creating a timetable that allows certain topics to be completed in a realistic timeframe is very important. Creating plans that do not reflect actual commitments that you have or any downtime are plans that aren’t realistic and will fall through sooner or later. The key to creating an effective yet efficient plan is keeping in mind the study practices and patterns that work best for you while also keeping time for other commitments.

Use Practice questions and tests

Although you may be following all the steps discussed above including learning from study guides and flashcards and keeping to your timetable, testing your knowledge is very important. Without doing tests and practicing exams regularly, candidates will not know if their study efforts are successful or not. Even if you make a lot of mistakes while practicing, being aware of this might give you enough time to adjust your study strategies and still be ready for the exam in time. Delphi’s CPA online course contains an excellent learning environment with thousands of practice questions, MCQs, and test simulations that help you prepare for the CPA qualification.

Get additional practice before the exam.

At least a week before exams, candidates must focus on revising and perfecting their knowledge of the topics that they’ve completed. This includes timed mock exams as well as focusing on their problem areas in the CPA syllabus. This can be done with the help of CPA review courses or study guides.

Why Delphi?

At Delphi Star Training Centre, we understand the huge impact that the CPA qualification can have on your career as well as the huge effort and time commitment required to accomplish it.

Our expert trainers and staff are committed to helping you accomplish your career goals. This is why we provide high-quality learning materials, mock exams, and practice questions from the best training and study material providers to provide you with a comprehensive course syllabus. In addition to this, we also provide flexible class timings and placement assistance to ensure an excellent learning experience.

So, join us at Delphi Star Training Centre, enroll in our CPA online course, and begin your journey towards becoming an expert in accounting.

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