What is Accounting?

Accounting is the systematic process of recording, summarizing, analyzing, and interpreting financial transactions of a business or organization. This means Accountants are responsible for accurately recording every financial transaction of a business. This is an enormous responsibility and requires several tasks to be completed systematically and without error. Some of these include bookkeeping, financial reporting, auditing, and tax compliance among others. There are many skills that an accountant has to develop. We have detailed some of these in our blog “Top 6 Skills Essential to Become an Accountant”.
The role of Accountants is very important in a business because the information and reports they create often serve as the language of business and are a crucial tool for decision-making, planning, and control. According to employment studies and surveys conducted around the world, the employment of accountants and auditors is expected to increase by 7% from 2020 – 2030.
As such developing your knowledge of finance and accounting and choosing this field as your career could be a highly rewarding decision!

Best Way to Learn Accounting

The best way to learn accounting is with the help of a structured syllabus and experienced trainers. Often, professionals choose to learn through free websites like YouTube or investment sites, however, these come with their own problems. Listening to too many opinions and studying from different sources can lead to confusion and mistakes.
If you’re a beginner in Accounting, gaining the right training can be key to building a strong foundation in the field. Below, we have listed a few basic accounting courses in Dubai to help you get started on choosing the best one for you!

Basic Accounting Courses for Beginners:

  • Accounting Basic Course: This accounting course brought to you by Delphi Star Training Center, gives students a basic idea of Accounting Concepts and financial statements. The syllabus of this course covers important accounting theories such as accounting ratios and consists of video lectures and assessments that help you improve your skills in this area. To learn more about this, you can also visit our Accounting Basic Course webpage.
  • Basic Accounting and Finance Course: This course is best suited for those individuals who want to grow their knowledge and skills in both Accounting and Finance. The Basic Accounting and Finance Course from Delphi covers core Accounting and Finance concepts such as how to prepare trial balances, consolidated financial statements, and record transactions under the double-entry system. This course does not have any entry requirements so it’s ideal for those who don’t have any experience in Accounting and Finance concepts.
  • ACCA FIA – The ACCA Foundation In Accountancy (ACCA FIA) course helps you develop a strong foundation in Accounting concepts. Issued by the globally recognized ACCA, this certificate helps students gain core Accounting knowledge and once passed allows them to move on to and even gain exemptions in the ACCA level exams. So, if you plan on taking the ACCA exams in the future, joining an ACCA FIA online course can be a good way to begin your journey!

All the courses that we have discussed above are ideal accounting courses for beginners with no prior experience or knowledge of Accounting and Finance. However, if you are a professional who’s looking for accounting courses after graduation and qualifications that will boost your existing career in Accounting, you can also check out our blog on “Best Accounting and Finance Courses in Dubai”.

Why Take Accounting Courses?

Taking accounting courses offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your career prospects and financial literacy. Joining an accounting course is the fastest way to learn accounting and provides you with a solid foundation in financial principles and practices. Not only does this knowledge empower you to better understand financial statements and build a successful career, but it also helps you interpret economic trends to help you manage your personal finances effectively.
For those interested in building their career in Accounting and Finance, joining an accounting course can boost your credibility and open doors to diverse career opportunities. Furthermore, joining globally recognized Accounting and Finance qualification training programs can provide opportunities for networking and building alliances as well as provide salary increases and better job prospects.

Why choose Us?

At Delphi Star Training Center, we understand the importance of gaining the right set of skills and qualifications to further your career! Keeping in mind those interested in building a strong foundation in the Accounting and finance field, we have developed several advanced and basic accounting courses in Dubai.
All courses are led by experienced trainers and high-quality learning materials. Additionally, our online learning platform makes available to you all these learning materials including video lectures, practice questions, and mock exams online 24×7. All you need is a reliable internet connection! Furthermore, our staff are always ready to answer any questions you have and help you choose the best training and certification program to suit your career needs.
So, don’t delay any longer! Join our Accounting Basic Course or check out our advanced accounting courses and qualification programs! Unlock the door to multiple opportunities and career growth with Delphi’s accounting courses online!

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